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Last week, Kelvin (darn you) nominated me to write 20 things about myself (ever since those neknoms there’s basically a nomination for everything. Why hasn’t anyone come up with a “I nominate you to EAT _____. You have 24 hours.” #IOnlyThinkAboutFood #Clearly #OffTopic #Sorry). I know, usually you only have 24 hours and I legitimately tried to think of 20 things but here I am a week later still thinking about what to write.

So here goes. I’m sorry if the list gets really random but yeah… I got stuck at #8 so I had to come up with anything I could.


  1. I was born in Taipei; I moved to Vancouver when I was 5
  2. My mother language = Taiwanese, 2nd language = Mandarin, 3rd language = English (and… as of right now, I don’t know how to speak Taiwanese but I can understand, I speak Mandarin but my white accent shines through, and I’m really hoping I’m doing well with English cause that’s the only thing going for me right now)
  3. My parents are the CUTEST THINGS (things? really? #WhatKindOfDaughterRU) in the world – I aspire to have a relationship like theirs when I grow up  #TheyStillTakeLongWalksOnTheBeach #RelationshipMasters #AsianParentsWhoCallEachOtherHoney #Embarrassing #HowOldAreYou IMG_9681
  4. I have a twin brother who goes to UBC
  5. I lied in #5 because he’s not my twin but… COOL FACT! I hated when people called us twins for the first 18 years of my life then by year 19 of my life I embraced it and now we try to trick new people we meet by telling them we’re twins (okay only I do this because I don’t know if he actually does…)

    Johnny boy at my HS grad!! #StinkyJohn
    Johnny boy at my HS grad!! #StinkyJohn
  6. I was in air cadets for almost 6 years and LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT (minus the first 2 years) – *coming soon to a getawei blog near you (aka this one)

    a year later, me at Johnny boy's grad. #StinkyJohn
    a year later, me at Johnny boy’s grad. #StinkyJohn
  7. Through air cadets, I went on international exchange (for free, I might add! Thank you fellow Canadian tax payers. Aka all of you) to the beautiful country of TURKEY (btw you should totally check out that place if you have the chance) – *coming soon

    that cadet life #STAFF2011
  8. I was part of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Closing Ceremonies with my fellow cadet friends! 🙂
    759 Represent 😉
    Our performance here (starting at 40:00)

    Exchange with these goofs! :) #IACE2012
    Exchange with these goofs! 🙂 #IACE2012
  9. I love sports; I love snowboarding and skating. I used to play bball, vball, net ball.
    I loved those jerseys

    I was on the track team and I also used to figure skate. I can also balance pretty well when I’m standing on the bus so I’m kind of proud of that.

  10. I watch a lot of TV because I have no life (I mean, dude, I’m even writing for fun…) My favourite shows include: Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, Big Brother, Amazing Race, FRIENDS, Desperate Housewives, and if I go on, we might be here all day.
  11. The first REALLY rebellious thing I did was getting my ears pierced the day before my 18th birthday. It wasn’t really that worth it to be honest…
  12. The second rebellious thing was getting a tattoo right out of high school. It was totally worth it.
  13. If I could date any celebrity… I think I would date Joshua Bowman from Revenge (oh yeah, that’s another show I watch). HE. IS. SO. DREAMY. OMG. LET’S JUST. I CAN’T. JUST. GOOGLE HIS FACE. OMG. Or Zac Efron… Oh god, this is tough. Wait… maybe Adam Levine…? But he’s taken. Okay I don’t like that I can only choose one so I’m gonna move on and assume I can have all 3.

    Zac, my boy, you’re single… and I’m single… something clearly does not add up. #WhensOurWedding
  14. The amount of embarrassing moments that you have in one month is probably midays. Just yesterday, when nice people said happy birthday to me, I said thank you and called them by the wrong name. Yeah. That happened 3 times. All in one day. #BRB #GonnaDigMyselfAHole (to be fair, I did know their name, I was either intoxicated or I typed too fast whilst looking at someone else’s name on fb. You know when you type what you see but that’s not what you meant to type?! Yeah, that was me. AND NO, IT’S NOT AN EXCUSE. IT’S THE TRUTH #StopBullyingMe)
  15. My ALL TIME FAVOURITE MOVIE is The Titanic. I can watch it all day, er’day, and have the same emotions every single time. Like that part when Rose gets on the painting? Yeah, I yell at her every time. The time when that rich dude runs after Jack and Rose trying to shoot them? I scream and cover my eyes. And yes, waterworks every time too cause it’s such an epic movie. I also have a rule where I don’t watch it with guys. Not trying to be a pessimist but if me and (insert guy name) don’t work out, I don’t want him to ruin the movie for me. I don’t want to have to think “omg remember that one time when (insert guy name again) watched it with me and we ate popcorn and he got it all over my couch and I had to clean it up?!” or whatever. It’s my own personal movie and no boy is going to ruin it for me. Unless if you’re my Jack and I’m your Rose then… well… #BringURSketchBook #JK #YouKnowImNotJK

    the. best.
  16. My favourite hard liquor is tequila with lime. YUUUMMMM. I think I like the lime more than the tequila part but… #Whatever #NotThePoint. I also cannot drink gin to save my life. If I smell that stuff, I’m gonna punch whoever made me smell it cause I know I definitely wouldn’t have voluntarily smelt it.

    ideal = tequila with extra, extra lime
  17. Speaking of drinking, the first time I tried alcohol was when I was 18 for high school graduation. #DidNotGetWithTheProgram
  18. Following up with #17, the reason why I tried alcohol so late in the game was because in high school, I spent majority of my time at school. NO JOKE. and NO LIFE. There were tons of times where I stayed over 12 hours. One time, me, Jennifer, and our friend Bevin (HI BUDDY) stayed SO late at school that all the janitors left and we didn’t even know. When we finally left the school, we triggered the silent alarm and all the police came to the school and the next day we got in trouble for staying at school for too long. … … yeah… They didn’t even know how to punish us because it’s not like we have a problem with staying at school for detention. We’ll just stay overtime! 🙂 Good times. (at school #MySecondHome)

    shoutout to CHEX 🙂
  19. Speaking of “Second Home”, I’ve always enjoyed being involved in school (maybe a little too much #NotThePoint). In high school, I was part of a club called Christmas Cheer (shoutout to CHEX! miss you guys) and Karing 4 Kids (miss you guys too.. :’D). Both these clubs mainly focused on fundraising for local charities. I would spend so much time with the other execs at school that we knew the janitors on a first name basis and even cooked dinner (AT SCHOOL – we had our own fridge) and had a sit down dinners with our fellow janitors and teachers. #BestiesForLife

    did you think I was joking? No, sweetie.
  20. Now that I’ve FINALLY reached the last number of this list, I want to end off by saying something completely EPIC that will blow your mind into little tiny pieces. But I don’t always get what I want so I guess that’s not happening since I can’t think of anything else #RuinedTheMoment #LisaLogic. I guess the last thing that I want you to know about me (sorry, it’s not epic) is that my goal in life is to live as fearlessly as I can #ThanksTSwizzle. Each and every one of us have dreams but it’s really up to us to make them happen. I feel like the saddest thing for me is watching people (including myself) want something but don’t get it because we’re to scared to give it a shot. If you don’t try… how you gon’ know? <— imagine me saying that in a black accent. I read this quote one time and it said, “if you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” So basically… moral of the story is ask a lot of questions. #JK #RuinedAnotherMoment #SorryIDontHaveChocolateFondue #OnlyCheese #BecauseItsTooCheesyNow #SorryNotSorryActually

Anywho… I’m gonna sleep now because I have an interview tomorrow and I’m kind of nervous so… TOODLES 🙂



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  1. You sound like a Canadian version of me (:

    1. lisayswei says:

      Awe, cool! Where are you from? 🙂

      1. lisayswei says:

        That’s sick!! I have cousins there 🙂

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