Small People and Bras


Or guys… that’s cool, too.

I want to keep this blog post super short just because I didn’t really mean for this to be a post on its own. From my Toronto post, I briefly mentioned taking my friend Kristina to this bra shop that we both fell in love with.


As a girl, bras are obviously an important part of my life. But only because it’s socially unacceptable to not wear one in public so I have to conform to what society wants. Anyway, as a rather small person, it has always been super difficult for me to find a bra my size because when I walk into Victoria’s Secret (btw, wtf is her secret?!) or La Sensa, their smallest size is usually a 32A. If you don’t already know, the number (eg. 32) is the measurement for your bust and the letter is the actual size of your boob. I never knew that there were bras made for smaller people, so I was forced to buy whatever was available at these big name stores (and also because sometimes they sell them for $10 each #SCORE).

Last year when I was living in Toronto, I stumbled upon this blogger’s (you might know her – Jen FRMHEADTOTOE) video about girls with small boobs that are small. After a little research, I found out that there’s a store in Toronto called Secrets From Your Sister that carry the brand that she mentioned so I decided to check it out.

Note: Secrets From Your Sister is located on Bloor Street W, right across from Honest Ed’s – @Spadina Subway Station

When I walked into the store, I was greeted by extremely friendly staff. I even got my own personal fitter who helped me pick out bras #ThatSpecialTreatmentDoe. She first asked me what types of bras I was looking for (colour, strapless/non-strapless etc). Since my fitter was professionally trained, she checked up on me after every single fitting. I thought this was super helpful because she pointed out things that I wouldn’t have noticed myself (eg. it would be comfortable but too loose to be a good bra etc). That day (this was last year), I walked out of the store with two bras. Even though the bras were a little bit out of my price range, it was totally worth it. It’s been a year since I’ve tried them and I can honestly say they’re my favourite. They’re actually the right size so there isn’t this huge @$$ gap between my bras and my boobs because they actually cradle them properly :’) #TMI. Also, it helped with my posture because with my other bras (that weren’t the right size), I felt like I had to constantly slouch or else my chest would fall out #LikeThatsPossible.


A couple of days ago, I went back to the store again to purchase another few bras. What I love about this place is that each time you go, they’ll measure you again. It’s important to do so and try out a bra every time because a lot of companies’ sizes are different (eg. you might be a 32A for one company but actually a different size for another). Some companies even have different sizes within their own brand #WTFIsTheirProblem #MakingOurLivesEvenMoreComplicated.



Anywho… I hope this post sort of helped, especially for all the other small girls out there because this definitely changed my life #DramaQueenHour.



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