Food, Booze, and Bras

You might be wondering why the title of this post is called Food, Booze, and Bras. Or you might not. If you weren’t, are you now? #WasThatNecessary #WasteOfWords

This post is really about my recent trip to Toronnntooo, baby. My friend Kristina helped me think of this title just because the highlight of my visit revolved around food, booze, and bras. Also,  this title makes me sound extremely scandalous so that’s always a plus.

spent the last few days with this girlie <3
spent the last few days with this girlie ❤


Kristina and I had food coma  itis (trying to be an Ontarioian) the last couple of days. I felt like my mouth travelled the world because we ate foods from all different cultures #YouKnowURECanadianWhen. Instead of talking about it, I thought I’d show you pictures instead. This is revenge for all you Vancouvrites who continue to send me snapchats of food:

My favourite was the Kimchi Fries from Banh Mi Boys – check out Victor’s review here and his review on Santouka here.

Since Kristina doesn’t usually eat that much (or at all for that matter…) I basically fed her to the point of hibernation and she won’t be needing food for the next couple of months #UREWelcomeGirl ❤


On Wednesday night, Kristina wanted to show me one of the UofT hotspots – Maddy. Her exact words: “It’s always super packed and there’s always a line-up”. But when we got there… not a single soul was found #Awkward #DontTrustHer #JK #LoveHer. Since the Maddy was playing hard to want on Wednesday, we returned on Thursday night with my roommate from last year, Jill. This time, there actually was a big line-up #ITrustYouAgainKristina – to the point where we thought we might’ve not gotten in. But let’s be real, when you’re out with me or Kristina (especially both), we. are. getting. inside. #IDontGoOutForNothing


What this title really means is shopping. But since me and Kristina’s most favourite purchase these couple of days were bras, we thought it would be extremely fitting #GetIt #ImSoFunny #OrPunny. Speaking of bras, I wrote a separate post on where we got our miracle bras here (post is mainly for girls but if you’re a guy and you’re clicking it – I won’t judge you).

Spotted: Lisa & Kristina at the Subway Station #WritingAsThoughImFamous
Spotted: Lisa & Kristina at the Subway Station #WritingAsThoughImFamous

Besides a couple of little items I got from Forever 21 (fun fact – Did you know I used to work there and hated my life? Yep), my most favourite item is probably a pair of boots from Steve Maddens. Which… I won’t post a picture of because I don’t like my feet but just imagine a pair of reeeaaally nice feet inside a pair of reeeaaally nice boots. That’s me.

Instagram: @getawei Photo Cred: Victor Zhang
Instagram: @getawei
Photo Cred: Victor Zhang

Oh yeah, I finally got a beanie!! Victor really inspired me to get one after my make-over.

ARMIN      …      …

Armin was like, so amazing, I can’t even.



Allow me to explain. First, this is exactly why “Armin” was not part of the main title. Second, me and Shay really wanted to go, but then there’s also Armin Vancouver and there was a sale at Steve Madden so… #FirstWorldProblems

we like trees

Instead, we walked by the biggest line of our lives (jk, the Aritiza Warehouse Sale line is bigger), and just watched the people that are about to see Armin #CloseEnough. We even got a picture in front of Metro Convention Centre #SoCloseButYetSoFar.

We were technically there... so we WERE at Armin. I didn't lie.
We were technically there… so we WERE at Armin. I didn’t lie.

More importantly, thanks to my lack-of-Armin-going #MakesNoSense, I had the opportunity to visit the CN tower for the first time in my life with my date, Kristina.

CN Tower.. finally!!!
CN Tower.. finally!!!

Originally, we were going to give our boyfriends the honour to take us, but after much thought, we realized that if we waited for us to get a boyfriend, we might as well never see the CN tower. Instead, we went on a double date with Victor and Shay #CloseEnough.


our turn to creep them
our turn to creep them
Double Dates #MeAndKristinaAreCuter #SorryNotSorry #InsideJoke #RightGuys #PlsGetIt
Double Dates #MeAndKristinaAreCuter #SorryNotSorry #InsideJoke #RightGuys #PlsGetIt

That was basically my whole trip! Sadly, I still have 3 exams coming up so… you probably won’t hear from me in awhile #PretendToBeSad.





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  1. itzemily says:

    It’s maddy, not “the maddy” get it together, wei.

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