Taiwan Trip // Intro

Say hello to my first out-of-the-country getawei since the start of this blog.

This beautiful country is the founder of all good things you love: Bubble tea, beef noodle soup, night market(?), and me #Humble.

If you already got up close and personal with me via my 2o Things post, you may remember that I was born in Taipei, Taiwan #Hurray #LandOfGoodFood.  What that basically translates to is this: my only family living in Canadia (that’s what my friends from Turkey call it LOL – you pronounce it Ca-Nay-Dee-Ah) includes Momma Bear, Poppa Bear and Brother Bear #AKA #StinkyJohn (I made him a hashtag just for him throughout the years #YoureWelcome). Everyone else in my extended family is spread out across the world (Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, and US) but mainly in Taiwan because that’s where we were all born. Anyway, the last time I visited my famjam was almost 4 years ago for my family reunion so it was finally time for me to visit again (also because I discovered something called online courses so I’m not bound to Canadia) #SoSmart #ItsBecauseIGoToSchool #StayInSchoolKids #YoureWelcomeParents.

Going to Taiwan this time round was different just because I brought along – drum roll please – keep going – it’s a good one – did I tell you to stop? – MARIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know. Let’s just all take a minute and calm down.

We should all be excited because she’s the girl that was crazy enough to do that whole blind date thing with me #MoreBlindDatesHere #JK #ButAmIJokingThough #ThatIsTheQuestion #WhatQuestion #OMG #Sorry #OffTrack. Just like the blind date incident, a casual idea was brought up and Maria – the crazy person she is #IFreakingLoveCrazyPeople #SameSpeciesAsMe – took literally about 2 seconds to agree #DidYouEvenThinkThisThrough. What happened was this: I was feeling pretty “meh” – what is an actual English word for this feeling? –  after a typical day at school and when I went home, me and Maria found time to FaceTime. We were talking about our plans for the summer and I told her I was thinking of going to Taiwan. I have this tendency to ask people to join me for everything even though I know 90% of the time people are gonna say no.


  1. I’m going to Toronto to visit my friend… do you want to come? #YouDontEvenKnowMyFriend #WhyWouldYouGo #ButWhyWouldIAsk
  2. I know you ate already but I’m about to go eat… do you want to come? #AndWatchMeEatLikeAPig
  3. I’m going to the washroom… do you want to come? #GirlsOnlyGoToTheWashroomInPluralForm
  4. I’m about to go out of the country… any chance you wanna come?

This time, I casually dropped #4 (wow that sounds like #2 but that’s not what I meant, what I mean is #OkayForgetIt #NotGonnaBother #IfYouGetMeThenILoveYou) and Maria was like… “yeah, sure!” To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure if she heard correctly cause I didn’t ask her if she wanted a sip of my Tim Hortons Iced Capp but rather, I asked her if she wanted to pay over $1000 for round trip tickets from Vancouver to a country that’s halfway across the world. But… hey, I don’t call girls crazy for no reason – and not because we say things we don’t mean, such as saying I’m fine but I’m really not #WHYDOIGOOFFTOPICSOMUCH.

Me, Maria and her sister Madison 5 years ago

So there you have it… a typical day after school turned into me screaming all over the house #TypicalAsWellNowThatIThinkAboutIt.

If you want to hear more about an Asian girl that barely speaks Chinese in her home country and her white friend struggling in Taiwan, stay tuned for more in the upcoming days!!! 🙂


PS. Okay, I lied. She’s half-white.








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