Taiwan Trip // Week 1



Happy 1 week in Taiwan! #WhoCelebratesOneWeek #IDo #Stage6Clinger #DontJudgeMe. I can’t believe it’s already been a week! It feels like I’ve been here for almost a month. Probably because I’ve never been this productive in 7 days #AndTheTruthComesOut. This may also explain why I haven’t blogged as often as I would like but my famjam needs me to keep them entertained #Humble.

To summarize what I did in the past week (because describing everything in detail may take us to the end of the world),  I went to 3 different cities within Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung).

Taichung (wow why is this picture so big)

As you can see from the pictures, I went from head to toe #NotTheYoutuber of Taiwan so I can basically go home now. Originally, I wanted to blog every day but since that’s clearly unrealistic (because after a full day of eating, all I want to do is sleep #FirstWorldProblems), I’m going to post at least 1 picture a day on my blog’s instagram #CheatingMyWayOut. Since I’ll be starting that today, I’ll try to post pictures from the last 7 days.


After safely arriving in Taiwan! :)
After safely arriving in Taiwan! 🙂




Highlight of my trip was seeing my gramps!! He’s hasn’t been feeling so well 😦 Please send your prayers this way! #TYVM

I love you, grandpa!! This man taught me how to swim <3 Oh and I also puked in his Mercedes and he still won't let me live it down LOL #HisPrecious
I love you, grandpa!! This man taught me how to swim




The best part of this trip to Kaohshiung (anyone else think this is spelt funny?!) is that I got to finally meet my cousin-in-law (is that what you call him? He’s my cousin’s husband) and their beautiful baby boy who’s turning 1 in a few short weeks.

It’s been a few days but we love each other

One night, I had to babysit him for a bit because my cousin was in the shower and everyone else was out eating some more so I took the liberty to take some paparrazi shots of him. Check them out here:




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