Down By The Bay


Why hello there 🙂

I found a new hobby!!! It’s called… biking along the seawall. Yeah, not just biking. It has to be along the seawall #MyCoworkersComplainedThatIWasBeingTooSpecific. I mean, if I were to be even more specific, I would have to say: on a sunny day when I happen to have a day off. But anyway.

moving on

Spent the day catching up with Peter because he’s heading to Taiwan soon (you lucky butt) #AndHeDoesntEvenEatStinkyTofu #WTFMan #WhyRUEvenGoingThen. We decided to do something we haven’t done in a long time because we’re not in Vancouver most of the year #InsertSadFaceBecauseItLooksWeirdWhenIDoItMyself.

How can you say no to that?!?!

To add on to that whole “new hobby” thing, I guess you can also throw in “acting like a tourist in your own city”. When I moved to Ontario, I realized that I barely have any pictures of me with Vancouver. I actually didn’t really notice until my friends from UofT started to ask if they can see pictures of me with Vancouver. All of a sudden, I’m scrambling around to look for any photos of me with Vancity, (I mean, even a selfie with Gastown is fine) but instead, all I came up with was me yelling, “I SWEAR I’M FROM THERE OMG YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME!!” #DramaQueenHour. Needless to say, ever since 1st year, a camera is always on me at all times #Overcorrection.

After biking the seawall (BTW it takes about 1 hour.. not freaking 2 hours), we met up with Richard, Caimen, Leo, Jerry, and Percy at Woody’s (they have 25cent wings!),


PS. Do you pronounce “Somersby” by saying “SUMMER’s-bee” or “SAW-MER’S-BEE” or none of the above?!


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