A Little Update…

HELLO, STRANGER! ❤ #ButNotInTheStrangerDangerWay

long time no blog so I feel slightly awkward right now

I am happy to announce that as of 9:36pm today (Pacific Time), I am officially… FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


(by the way, I meant free from my online math course, not price cause let’s be real, I’m priceless)

haven’t even been back for a couple of sentences and the sass is already back #WhyWait

Anywho, this isn’t really a post about anything in particular but rather just me announcing to whoever cares (my mom. HI MOM) that I’m alive #Blessed. In the past couple of MIA days, I’ve been busy:

1) Going on smokin’ hawt dates

…with my math homework. I mean, have you SEEN what a matrix looks like?! Like, damn.

excuse the blurry picture and super tired face but #ObligatoryOutOfJailPhoto #IMeanSchool
excuse the blurry picture and super tired face but #ObligatoryOutOfJailPhoto #IMeanSchool

*Side note: who knows patrickjmt from YouTube?! #LIFESAVER

2) Making money so I can spend it on things I don’t need but should somehow learn to break this habit


3) Hot Yoga With Momma Bear

Being back in Vancouver means overdosing on yoga #THANKYOU. I purposely bought my mom an unlimited monthly pass with me so it forces her to go with me ;).


If you haven’t tried hot yoga yet… you must. It’s a great workout and it’s also super relaxing! But if you’re not into that… let me just say that yoga can make you look like a hot piece of meat #WasThatTooBlunt. AND… if you’re STILL not into that… #JK #ImStoppingNowBeforeICantStop #LikeMileyCyrus.

So yeah… that’s been my life for basically the entire month of July. Thankfully, I’ve got lots planned for August so stay tuned! #OrNot #Whatever #YourChoice #FreeCountry


Even More Love Than Usual Because I’m Making Up For The Days I Was Gone #YoureWelcome,




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