Long Time No Celebs


Finally had the chance to go to Celebs (aka Celebrities Night Club – but that’s way to long to say in a casual conversation) on Tuesday #Yay. Actually, the truth is, it’s not that I finally “had the chance” (seeing that I always have Wednesdays off) but it’s more like “I finally had the guts to go back to Celebs”. The last time I was there, Victor was visiting from Toronto and … yeah that’s about all I can tell you because I don’t remember a thing #DamnitLisa.

Remember that night? #BecauseIDont

Anyway, this time round, I definitely remember everything that happened (down to the number of times I went to the washroom in cliques #ItWas4 #InCaseYouWantedToKnow) and I have pictures to prove it (um.. yeah I mean remembering the night, not how many times I went to the bathroom ’cause that’s just weird).

Next week will be my last week in Vancity so we’ll probably be paying another visit to Celebs on Tues. If you’re free, you should join 😉 – and if you’re not in Vancouver… click here (jk don’t do it).



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