We Feed Off Each Other’s Energy

Caitlyn and I visited Queen Elizabeth Park after grabbing some ice cream (as mentioned in my London Fog post) since it was only a few minutes away. The last time I was here was prom. Has it actually already been 2 years?! #BRB #GonnaGoFreakOut #5MoreYearsToFindAHusband #FML.








dress: artemisia // shoes: steve madden // watch: michael kors  // bracelets: olive + piper : here // necklace: swarovski // rings: h&m


Super grateful to have spent the evening with Cait! I truly believe that everyone needs a friend like her. There’s been so many times where I’ve been absolutely ecstatic about something and going like “OMGOMGOMOGMG” over something super small but gets me really excited. Instead of pretending not to know me, she’s right there beside me screaming #ThankYouLordForPeopleLikeCaitlyn. But really, there’s so many times in public where I get excited over something but I’m mentally telling myself, “Lisa, calm yourself” but Caitlyn is right there screaming with me and I’m like, “oh hell yeah WOOHOOOOOOO” #YOLO #JK #DontYOLO #Because #YODO #YouOnlyDieOnce.

But honestly, life is so short, why spend majority of your time trying to contain yourself when you can be excited when you are, laugh when you get the chance, and love whoever you can? #ISoundLikeAHippy (Is this quote gonna go on the back of some van…?)

Anywho, as always, hope your summer is as amazing as you are, whoever you are (wow, if I keep this cheesiness up, Hallmark is going to have to hire me to write their cards).



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