What’s On My Phone


Okay sooooo… hi #ISaidThatAlready.

I’ve decided to dedicate a post to my phone (apps, phone case, etc) because we all know that you are what your phone is (or is the saying, “You are what you eat”? #Whatever #CloseEnough). But seriously though, I’ve included some screenshots of what’s on my phone and now I feel really exposed.




If you’ve gone out with me (just to clear the air, I mean for drinks or something, not as in you’ve been my boyfriend once upon a long time) you are probably aware that my phone case is this huge chunky white thing that I hang around my wrist and I’ve probably hit your face at some point by “accident” (jk, take out the quotations).

Anyway, the phone case I currently (and probably will always) use is the one by Lifeproof.


<strong>1) It’s completely waterproof 

Thanks to my phone case, I can now bring my phone in the shower to send snapchats listen to music and change songs as many times as I please.

I can also take pictures underwater!

that can be me!!! But in human form

2) I can drop it like it’s hot but it will still work perfectly without a scratch

Cheers to all those times therapy meant throwing your phone somewhere

3) There’s a little slot where I can put a string across to hang around my wrist to hit people with it help me not lose my phone when I make bad life choices I’m going out

The beauty of this is that when I’m texting, the string is still around my wrist so if I drop my phone, it’s just hanging there

like in this picture right here #CanYouSpotMyPhone
like in this picture right here #CanYouSpotMyPhone

4) I can freely text in the rain/snow 

AKA when I’m up at Whistler snowboarding, I don’t have to use a tacky Ziploc bag for my phone and it won’t fall off the chair lift because of what I said in #3 😉

Don’t be this person, buy a Lifeproof #IDontEvenWorkForThem #DoIGetCommission

MUST HAVE APPS (for everyone) (for girls) (for me)

The following are the apps I cannot live without: (not including the ones that come with your phone)


If Google Maps were a person, I would grab his gorgeous head of hair and kiss him. Seriously, the number of times I open that app in one day is ridiculous. I love everything about it including how to get somewhere, how long it’ll take, what lane to go on when you’re driving, what the traffic is like, what bus route is best, when you should leave your house, and remembers your home address… xoxoxo. (I really hope that one day I can talk about my future boyfriend like the way I talk about Google Maps #DramaQueenHour)

hello, m’love 😉


I know this app is included when you get your iPhone and I said I wouldn’t talk about it but nobody is perfect so let me go against my own words.

If you don’t use Passbook (or because you don’t have an iPhone)… let me ask you something. What is the purpose of life?

But seriously, Passbook keeps all your cards in one place. For example, your Starbucks card, your BeautyInsider card from Sephora, your Scene Card… so when you go to these places, you don’t have to be searching for your wallet and making people (like me) wait in line longer. Instead, you can just open it up on your iPhone and VOILA. It’s like magic. Why wouldn’t you use it?!??! #LisasLifeQuestions

3. P.D.

Before I tell you the name of this app, I would just like to say that I love that this app was courteous enough to put its initials instead of writing its full name. Cause it’s full name is… – wait for it – (btw, this is a MUST HAVE for dudes!!!) —-> PERIOD DIARY — HURRAYYY #ImKiddingAboutTheDudesPart

It’s great because it tells you exactly when you’re going to experience pain like you have never before and it’ll warn you when you are about to become a raging @#&^$%&@#%^ :):):):):) So maybe dudes actually need to get this so they aren’t surprised when their girl is in a bad mood.


The name of this app is basically what the name tells you it is. Magic. If you don’t know a name of a song, you just “Shazam” it and it’ll tell you #ThankYouInternetGods.

(I used to pull out my phone and start typing like mad: “HOT AND YOUR COLD, YOU’RE YES AND YOU’RE NO…. … … LYRICS” and pray that the song name would come up)


I really only decided to write this because I feel like when people talk about apps, one of the most popular things to talk about is photo editing apps (but if you ask me which one I would rather talk about, it’s hands down Google Maps #MyTrueAppLove).

Anyway, since you’re probably not into any more Google Maps talk, let’s settle for talking about filters etc.

my photos folder
my photos folder

My favourite is probably VSCOcam (even though I feel like that’s everyone’s favourite so what else is new) because I really like the editing options (I actually don’t use any of the filters inside)

The coolest one is probably PicPlayPost because you can make music photos 😀 It’s like soundtracking your own photos. (Am I the only one that got super duper amused at this?!). And I guess InstaFisheye is cool too but I just don’t have much to say about it besides the fact that it gives your photos a fish eye look (no duh, Sherlock).


I was originally going to write a little something for each app and then when I realized the number of apps I have on my phone (probably still less than some people) I changed my mind because I don’t want to miss my retirement #DramaQueenHour. So instead, for all you curious folks, I decided to just screenshot my phone instead #Exposed #IFeelSoNaked #LikeMyPalette #ShoutoutToTheGirlsWhoGotThat

first page
first page


second page
second page

Apps Worth Mentioning:

1) I got Line because that’s the only thing my relatives use in Asia // you can make free calls !!

2) Mindshift is a good app if you’re having a bad day

3) YO! is a completely pointless app that literally just sends “yo”s to people (legit, that is all) but I’m actually quite addicted to it now thanks to Andrea

4) I got Find My Friends and made both my parents get it because they call me 24/7 when I’m not home wondering where I am (even though I’ve told them a million times) and since I have nothing to hide, I told them to add me on Find My Friends so they can check it on their iPad instead if I don’t pick up #ExampleOfLisasBadLifeChoices

third page
third page

Yes, I downloaded that Kim Kardashian game to see what the hype was about but got mad after it told me to bus to Hollywood #IAintDownToBusIfIDontHaveTo #ImInHollywood #WhyAmIBussing #WhereIsMyHotDriver.

So… that’s basically it. I hope this post was more entertaining than I thought it was because I’m about to fall asleep myself #Oops.




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