Naked Trees

In light of my favourite season of the year and the fact that life’s been (insert S word and add -ing) all over my face in the last couple of days, Michelle, Liz, and I have decided to take matter into our own hands by enchanting ourselves with a fall photoshoot #BasicMuch #AllWereMissingIsThatPumpkinSpicedLatte.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetWhether you believe me or not, I’ve actually never had a PSL all to myself. I’ve actually only ever had a sip from Brittany (HI BRITT #ShoutoutToThePrez). But regardless, fall is still my favourite season. And to prove that I love this season due to non-Starbucks reasons, I’ve decided to compile a list (sounds like a lot but more like 3) of reasons why I love fall.


Finally a season where I don’t have to be too hot or too cold #MotherNatureDoingSomethingRight. I mean, there’s spring but I didn’t ask for non-stop sneezing TYVM. And I don’t even just mean the weather is comfortable. Your body can be comfortable. I mean, FINALLY, I can let myself go and eat those 6 piece chicken McNuggets without worrying about what it’s going to do to my beach bod #ButWhatBeachBod #UnheardOf (actually more like people seeing my bod) (WOW thank the Lord that I don’t have a boyfriend or else this “beach bod” thing has to go on 24/7 #Blessed) (and this is where my mind trails off) (okay back to topic)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


And no, I don’t mean this in a fashionista way. Although fall clothes are the best clothes #JustAFactOfLife. But anyway, my point regarding clothes is once again due to comfort. I don’t know about you but my happiest days in the summer was when I had dry clothes (aka when you’re not peeling your pants away from your body thanks to the excess amount sweat you produce #IfIKeepUpTheseNoFilterStatementsIWillContinueToRepelMen).


OH! And it also means that it’s…
1) scarf season (aka the best things that human kind has ever invented) (besides sashimi)
2) sweater weather
3) booties (not boobies)


This is kinda an unhealthy obsession (yes, it’s one of many #DontJudgeMe), but I love me some TV shows. And thanks to every show coming back to life, my meals without my roommates just became that much more enjoyable.



When we got home to look at the pictures we took, I realized one thing. I need my mother. Actually, I realized that a long time ago but now I have pictures to prove why I need my momma. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures or if it’s just me but I lost a bunch of weight thanks to hunger #AndImNotEvenInDistrict12. I mean, when I’m hungry, my choices are obvious. I either make something myself or I go out to eat. And when my face is not on, I ain’t gonna scare the universe by stepping foot outside my house so I’m really only left with making something myself. But making something for myself requires me to have ingredients and to have ingredients I need to go grocery shopping and going grocery shopping requires time and motivation to carry my groceries home and ain’t nobody got time for all of that so as a result I lost my double chin #DramaQueenHour.

I look like I'm 2 years old
I look like I’m 2 years old


Liz waiting for her lover to arrive. … And so I graced her with my presence.
why do you guys both have your hands there… did I miss out on something?





PS – Thank you Michelle for being the best photographer ever even though you didn’t appreciate that running video from Lord of the Rings #ThatsOkay #WeCanStillLiveTogether



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  1. Style Drift says:

    You gals all look lovely! And yes, TV shows are back! 😀

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