New Year’s Resolutions

Hello friends!

Long time no see… #whoops

First of all, I just wanted to say: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May 2015 bring you happiness and love. And may 2015 bring me some extra inches to my height, bigger boobs, and a boy that makes me smile as much as I smile when I see salmon sashimi coming my way #MyVersionOfHappinessAndLove.

I know I haven’t been very active on the blog, and you may concluded yourself that I’ve officially abandoned this baby (not the baby in the above picture), but nope, I’M BACK, PEOPLE* (I really wanted to say the B word here but I’m tryna keep this as PG-13 as possible #YoureWelcomeParents).

To tell you the truth, it wasn’t that I didn’t have time to blog the past two months, but I actually stopped blogging because I felt that I started to stray away from the whole purpose of life of the blog. If you’ve been with me from the beginning (throwback to my first post ever), you may remember that I started this blog because I love writing and I wanted to keep a picture diary to one day look back on the good ol’ times (I’m really like, 50 years old).  Anywho, overtime I started to realize that the intrinsic motivation that kept me going was slowing turning into extrinsic motivation so I didn’t enjoy it that much anymore. What I mean is, I initially blogged because it was a hobby and apparently I love talking to myself via typing (who else has this deep love for listening to the keyboards when they type?! #Holla), but eventually I started to do it because it’s apparently something I do now and people are expecting another post. That being said, it really felt more like a job (and seriously, I do not need another one #IveGotLike2AlreadyThanks) and I started to not like as much. Which is sad because imagine once liking pizza and then people started to pay you to eat pizza and then you only ate pizza when people paid you then that got you to not like pizza anymore and that’s just sad and why should that happen to the world it’s just so unfair and now I’m going to end this really long run-on sentence. So back to topic, I said to myself that the next time I blogged (eg. this time), I would do it for myself, and I needed to find a way back to that passion I once had #Whoa #SoundedWayDeeperThanIIntended #JustKeepingItRealHereGuys #CarryOn.

So anyway, onto the real purpose of this post: New Year’s Resolutions. Honestly, I used to be one of those people whose attitude towards New Year’s Resolution is much like:

but now it’s more like:

I’ll try to be a bit more realistic this year… instead of something like: “Look like a Victoria’s Secret Model”

But really though, I used to be all “if I wanted to change something about myself, I would start immediately instead of waiting for the new year” *hair flip*. But now, I’m thinking that if waiting til the new year means feeling more like you have a clean slate, then so be it.

So without further ado, I present to you my personal New Year’s Resolutions of this year:

1. SAVE $

I honestly need to start changing my mentality from:

okay and it’s even harder when you work at your favourite retail store

to something like:

Over the break I’ve reflected on how I should do this. To be quite honest, I know by setting goals such as “stop buying clothes” and “never eat out” are completely unrealistic and therefore unattainable, so I’m starting off my saving journey by:

  1. Transferring $30 from every paycheque to my savings (that’s an additional $720 a year! I know that doesn’t seem too much right now but I’m only working part-time #ImTrying #ItsTheThoughtThatCounts ) *btw, did you know your bank account can do that automatically?! Just talk to the teller at your bank #OrIfURBestFriendIsATeller #ThanksTheresa
  2. Transferring x amount of $ into your savings every time you use your card. Currently, I’m transferring $8 after every swipe so that’s another few dollars going into my savings account
  3. Not touching my savings – ever. Like ever. 

I definitely think I’ll start increasing the amount once I stick to what I currently have (I’m really trying to survive off my own paycheques during school #AndNotStarveWhileDoingIt #OrBecomeAStripper) or once I start working full-time again. But for now… this will do 😉 #INeedToGoToShopaholicsAnonymous #HiMyNameIsLisa #AndImAShopaholic #hiiiiiiilisaaaaaaa


Has anyone else read that story (I think it’s a true story…) about a woman watering two different plants and how she talks positively to the water for one plant and negatively to the water for the other plant? And how the crystals from the “positive water” was all beautiful and the plant turned out gorgeous while the plant from the “negative water” turned out nasty and gross(#DramaQueenHour)? Or something like that… #WHATEVER. The point is, this mini story sheds a light on how positive self-talk is important to our own well-being. After reading a bit more about “positive self-talk” and learning about it in psych, I started to notice the way I speak to myself (and trust, I talk to myself like, a lot #ProbablyShouldntBeAdmittingThatInPublic #SinglePeopleProblems) and it got me to realize that I’m a big fat bully to myself. Literally every mistake I make, I say something like, “You would forget to bring your wallet today. ” *Insert unimpressed face emoji #YouAllKnowWhatImTalkingAbout*.

I think what people (in this case, me) should learn is that life happens and there are things that are just out of your control (like for example when you’re on time waiting for the 2 Dundas bus but it passes you anyway because it’s way too full or you’re late because the bus is super late #WhoCanRelate). I’ve gotten so used to blaming myself for everything that I forgot to let go of the things that are out of my control. Moral of the story is blame everyone but yourself #JK #IdkWhatTheMoralOfTheStoryIs.

3. DOING THINGS AS THEY COME (especially texting…)

I’m one of those people that like to gather things together and do it all at once. And that goes for everything from homework to something simple like a text message. Oh god, don’t even get me started on text messages. I feel like the people close to me know this about me, but you either don’t get a text from me at all or you get a million at once. It’s probably because I waited til I’m on my laptop to respond to people at the same time. BUT NO MORE. This year, I vow to (at least try to) reply texts as they come to me #WorstTexterAwardGoesTo #YoursTruly.

*Shoutout to all the other bad texters out there who can relate to this Buzzfeed post.


I don’t even want to lose weight. I don’t even want to look good naked #Lies (okay I do but like that’s not the point of me writing this). Being the major hypochondriac that I am, I just want to exercise so I don’t die of a heart disease or some other disease that could’ve been prevented if I just did a little bit of cardio. Plus, I sleep so much better after I work out.

*****Note: I’ve already signed up for basketball intramurals so even if I don’t go to the gym at least I’ll be doing something at least once a week 😉 #WhyDoesThatSoundDirty

5. BLOG MORE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Gotta really get back to this whole blogging thing because oh, how I love you so #AndIDontHaveABoyfriendYetSoTheresThat #HoorayForFreeTime #SinglePeopleProblems.

Anyway, those are my personal resolutions of this year, hopefully I follow through with them. That was also mainly why I decided to post these up on the Internet because now that it’s out in the open, if I start to stray away from one of my resolutions (eg. when I don’t exercise for awhile), people can call me out on it and put me to shame #WhoSaidPeerPressureHadToBeBad.

Also, introducing to you my motto of 2015:

Best motto ever. (Not good enough to be tattooed but still really good)

Lots of love for you and the new year,



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