Gonna Get Grit

Hello, beautiful people ūüėČ Do you notice anything different? #RevampedTheBlog. That might explain why I’ve restricted by blog for the past little while (***special shoutout to my little Media & Marketing rep, Jason, for designing my logo).

I would say that I “gotawei” for too long but according to Bonnie, I’ve already overused the term (okay, it was really two times to be precise #WhosTheDramaQueenNow) so I’ll just have to settle for telling you guys the truth. The truth is, I’ve found the new love of my life (step aside, salmon sashimi #OkayImJustKidding #PlsDontLeaveMe):

i love you..

It all started in January when Netflix got FRIENDS and I couldn’t resist so I subscribed. I was going to delete it before reading week but then I realized I was spending it alone in London (a moment of silence please) so I ended up starting Grey’s Anatomy #BadIdea. Long story short, I’m in an unhealthy committed relationship now and I don’t know how to get out of it #WhosGotAnyAdvice #DramaQueenHour.

but like actually

Ironically, this post is about getting my life (more) together (despite having Netflix in my life) rather than destroying it #TryToBelieveMePlease.

The other day, I learned in my Sociology of Education class #YesIActuallyPayAttention that the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the amount of¬†grit¬†an individual possesses #MyBlogIsAlsoEducationalFYI #TellYourKids. To give a basic definition (for y’all who were too lazy to click on my hyperlink and don’t know what it means), it’s a characteristic that contains sustained interest towards certain interests/goals and the ability to persevere. I feel like the only thing I have grit towards is¬†Netflix and food #WishIWasKidding. But really, people with grit tend to not give up easily, despite all types of obstacles (I’m literally thinking of an obstacle course where you have to jump all over the place in order to enter enemy territory). I’m not saying I give up easily, but I think most of us can agree that it’s difficult to delay gratification #CookieOrAbs #IllTakeTheCookie #AlsoCanIHaveMilkWithThat.

Anyway, after doing some intense self-reflection (as I lay comfortably watching Meredith and Derek fall in love #NBD), I realized that¬†I need more “grit” in me. How did I come to realize this? Well, let’s see. I’ve wanted a 6 pack for my whole life even when I was in the womb awhile¬†but the only thing I’m seeing is 3 rolls and it’s not even sushi. And then it dawned on me that every single time when the opportunity to working out arises followed by an even better opportunity to pigging out arises, I choose the latter. So anyway, I’ve decided, once and for all,¬†that I’m going to finally follow through with this plan of this so called “6 pack” (I’m just gonna call it a “6 pack”¬†but really, I just want to be toned) because¬†people with grit make sacrifices.

I’ve decided to write this on the blog because from now on¬†when you catch me agreeing to go to McD’s with you at 10pm (*Cough, Emily, Cindy, JoJo, Christine #NoMore), I give you full permission to shake me and maybe even smack me a little #ButLightlyPls #ImVerySmall.

Goodbye, friends…. #SeeWhatIDidThere

So far, I’ve been eating out a lot less (round of applause) #ImActuallyAGoodCook #IThink #UnlessPeopleLie, and my diet now consists of brown rice, really healthy (and I know that because it’s brown and I can’t pronounce half the things on the bag) bread, chicken (not fried), and lots of green veggies #MyMomIsSoProud #HiMom.

Anywho, have a fantastic week and stay gritty, lovelies!



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