Summertime Madness

Aloha, summer…

….. school.

Who else is spending the summer looking at books instead of tanning on a beach? #IFeelYa

As much as I love Vancouver, I really wanted to try something new this summer. More importantly, I really wanted to learn something #NotCheesyAtAll. But really, I feel like summer is the perfect opportunity to learn more about yourself by building on your existing passions or to explore new ones. I’ve spent way too many hours locked up in the library dreaming of doing something else other than deciding whether or not to Reject or Fail To Reject Ho (#StatProblems).

AND THIS IS WHY… I’ve decided to take matters in my own hands by spending another few months away from home (I miss you Mom, Dad, and sometimes even #StinkyJohn) in order to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do. Luckily, I’ll be spending almost the entire summer in one of my favourite cities (that would be you, Toronto). I mean, my roommates even got me my first pair of Roots sweatpants so I’m pretty much officially  an Ontarioian now. Anyway, if you’re in downtown Toronto… give me a holler ;). Also, if you have any food recommendations/summer activity recommendations (but mostly food), you better be messaging me right now so I can add it to my summer bucket list.

Speaking of summer bucket lists, a few of the things I would like to accomplish before the end of the summer (please help me expand this!!!):

  1. Explore Kensington Market
  2. Try Chipotle  done!!!
  3. Try Jabistro also done!!!
  4. Vancouver (August..?)
  5. Go up the CN tower because I’ve been in Ontario for 3 years and this still has not be done
  7. TO food fest
  8. Go to a concert/music fest (WHICH ONE #ThatsTheRealQuestion)
  9. High school musical marathon
  10. Harry Potter Marathon
  11. Marathons in general
  12. Drive in movie-theatre (does this exist)
  13. Hike @ Squamish / the Chief
  14. HOT YOGAAAA (in the process)
  15. Paddle boarding
  16. Bonfire
  17. Eat a bunch of raw oysters
  18. Visit Canada’s Wonderland because I still have not gone #WhatIsWrongWithMe
  19. Watch the sunrise from my apartment
  20. Go to a spa (much needed)



my attitude towards this summer


But for now, my weekdays are dedicated to school. Oh yeah, I go to Ryerson now. WESTERN, IT’S BEEN REAL. THANK YOU. Lol jk I’m just here for the summer.

my dads :') #2isBetterThan1
my dads :’) #2isBetterThan1
:') #MadeHimProud
:’) #MadeHimProud

ALSO I MADE A NEW FRIEND :’) Her name’s Karen (Hiiiiiiii Karen). And here’s us being tourists on campus because so far we’ve managed to get lost every day of the week.




Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset



Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


Me: pants = Babaton Errol Pant // top = Babaton Carson Bustier 

Karen: pants = Wilfred (similiar here) // blazer = Wilfred Chevalier Jacket

I hope you all have a wonderful, amazing summer and let me know where I should eat/explore in Toronto!!


PS. I miss you, my Vancouverites




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