Finally got a chance to go to Jabistro (aka the “best sushi in town”) with Janet, Tony, Victor, and Hysan 😀

their menu’s also made on some really fancy paper
We started the dinner by ordering their lobster miso soup. I highly recommend this if this is your first time going (if not, order more of their sushi rolls!!!). There’s already a bit of lobster flavouring in the soup but I would also add a bit of the lobster meat inside.

miso soup with lobster broth

lobster for the miso soup
Here were some of the other things we ordered:

ebi nanban (battered tiger shrimp with tartar sauce)

aburicious (2 ebi, 2 saba, 2 salmon, 2 JaBistroll)
Our entire group really liked the 3rd roll (counting from the left), followed by the second one. The first roll has a little bit of jalapeño on top – and if you know me, I like my spicy stuff so this was definitely a plus 😀

sashmi platter

hokkaido salad (snow crab, inure, herb salted salmon)

Tony: “I’ll have the less girly drink”  *steals my drink from me* #EveryTime

nama (classic nigiri 7 pieces)
If you’re sharing this with friends, call dibs on the fatty tuna and the scallop 😉

their high quality paper towels from the washroom ft. Hysan’s hand (we took a sample LOL)
We went to the movies after dinner and the theatre didn’t have paper towels in the washroom. This is why we should’ve taken like 3 samples.

me and Tony made this plate ;). It’s the onions from the salad LOL. So if you’re looking for any food stylists, me and Tony are available for hire 😉
Since it was the first time for most of us, I thought that everything we ordered gave us a really good taste of the overall menu. If it’s your first time and you’re unsure of what to order, definitely give these a try! I also recommend going with more than one or two people because this way you can try more things without getting full faster and it also helps with the cost :).

If you’re going with less people and you want to order less, I would definitely recommend the rolls, the nigiri (both of these you have to order #NotToBeBossy #ButListenToMeBecauseImRight), the miso soup (if this is your first time), and the tiger shrimps. I wouldn’t worry too much about the salad just because you only have one stomach and you gotta prioritize what you eat #WiseWordsOfTheDay. The sauce on the salad was pretty good but other than that, a salad is a salad #TheresOnlySoMuchYouCanDo. Personally, I’m a huge fan of sashimi but I wouldn’t put the sashimi platter on my “must-order” list because I know that most people aren’t very big fans of sashimi (what is wrong with you btw), and more importantly, even if they are huge fans, not everyone is a fan of every type of fish (trying to think of the overall group utility #ImSoNice #Econ101).


Even though we were all stuffed, I’m glad we still decided to buy popcorn with extra, extra, butter at the theatres #THANKSGUYS #LOVEYOU. We watched the Avengers and since I was itis-ing (I would use “food coma” like a true Vancouverite, but since I’m an Ontarioian now with my Roots sweatpants, I’ll stick to my Ontario slang ;D) so hard, I almost passed out during the movie.

If you’re in TO definitely try this place out!!! #ItsForYourOwnGood



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