Night Out In Toronto

Got a surprise visit from Marga on Saturday!

I love introducing my friends to each other and I love it even more when they get along #YAY #WorldPeace101 #DramaQueenHour
I love introducing my friends to each other and I love it even more when they get along #YAY #WorldPeace101 #DramaQueenHour

Lucy also joined us shortly later, and we decided to admire the view of my balcony (THANKS ANDRIA) as well as taking a few pictures ;).

(SIDE NOTE #ADDmoment: You know what I just thought of?? Remember back in high school, the word “selfie” didn’t exist and we always used the word “camwhoring”…?! Like what happened to that word… it just disappeared. It’s like “selfie” = Kim Kardashian and “camwhoring” = Paris Hilton #JUSTSAYING #whereisshe) Anyway, we decided to have dinner at this restaurant that’s really close to my house called Hair of the DogĀ (really doesn’t make it sound appetizing but whatever). I wanted to try this place because every day when I walk to school/yoga/mall I literally see millions a bunch of people on their patio and it always seems packed (so it must be good right?).

The restaurant was super chillĀ and the food tasted AH-MAZING. I kid you not, when I took a bite out of my grilled cheese I quietly whispered to it, “I know this probably means nothing to you, but it just means a lot for me to say this. I don’t really say this that often but when I mean it, I mean it. I just wanted to say… I love you…” #DramaQueenHour. No but seriously, you guys. YouĀ haveĀ haveĀ have to go to this place to try out theirĀ Butter Chicken Grilled Cheese. We also ordered theirĀ Baked Potatoes which was also really good (but not as good as the fabulous grilled cheese that took me on a trip to heaven and back).

Baked Potatoes
Baked Potatoes

IMG_4016 IMG_4015 Here’s the rest of the menu if you want to see!

After dinner,Ā Kristina came over to get ready before heading out to Citizen for the first time (well…Ā my first time. It’s probablyĀ her one millionth time ;D).

reunited ā¤

IMG_3992 So Marga decided to do that wholeĀ carpe diemĀ thing and came out with us ;). And spent the night. And spent the next day at my place. #Oops #BadInfluence..? Since Marga didn’t have anything on her, IĀ lent her my going out clothes, my shoes, my PJs… to the point whereĀ IĀ didn’t even have anything anymore. I didn’t even wear PJs because she wore them. She took my pillow in the middle of the night so I slept on nothing. She also took my blanket. Next thing I know my parents won’t even call me anymore, they’ll just call Marga. #DQH #Thanks Marga

I should really get a spray tan before taking pictures with filipinos (well… technically Kristina’s half) #Whatever #SameThing
blurry… just like that night… LOL

Overall, weekend well spent (since I went out instead of Netflixing). Speaking of Netflix… I started to watch the Mindy Project and I realized that me and Mindy could be BFFLsĀ since she’s also quite the drama queen ;). (Who else watches the Mindy Project?!) Anyway, back to doing my homework now #ExcitingLife. Have an amazing week, y’all šŸ™‚ Love, Lisa


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  1. aw looks like you girls had fun! i really like your outfits btw!

    1. lisawei says:

      thank you!! ā¤

  2. what a view from the balcony !! šŸ˜€

    1. lisawei says:

      I know! I spend everyday there :p

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