Pâques à Montréal // Easter in Montreal



Wow, it’s been awhile (THANKS, IVEY and your busy @$$ schedule). Who thought I abandoned this site?

yeah, same.

Anyway, I finally got the chance to escape this wannabe-England-City (#London) to the beautiful city of Montréal. For the record, I did not know that Montreal has amazing food. Not just your everyday amazing. Like the type of amazing food that makes you dream about it days after (not like I do that or anything…)


As luck would have it, my bus to Montreal broke down and also my Uber driver cancelled on me #BadLuckLisa (this is pretty much the theme to most of my days) so after the longest ride of my entire life and probably everybody’s lives #DramaQueenHour, I finally arrived in Montreal at 2am. But I soon forgot about all this the minute I saw Karen and she took me to one of the best restaurants – EVER (and this is coming from someone who eats out a lot).

Ladies and gents, I would like to introduce to you Olive & gourmando, also known as the restaurant that I’ve been dreaming about everyday since.




okay I kid you not the sandwich literally melted in my mouth I can’t even think about it right now omg I can’t even


The Cubain 12.95 Pancetta, roasted pork, raw milk gruyère, and our delicious lime, cilantro, chipotle, and pickle mayonnaise. (I copied that from the menu not because I memorized it even though I wouldn’t be surprised if I did) & soup of the day (quinoa & chicken)

Since there was a line up, we explored around Old Montreal. This is where I wish I had longer legs because why the heck does everyone walk so freaking fast?! *Cough* KAREN *cough*.

“I look like a tourist”
“you ARE a tourist”
“oh yeah”




#HUMANS getting in the way of my picture omg #IHateEveryone

Loving these!!! Too bad they’re for men


LOL if you look closely at this picture, you can see a couple in the bottom right hand corner and I took this in the exact moment when this car drove by really fast and the boyfriend was all like “HELL NAH” and he moved to the side of the road to protect his girlfriend. Meanwhile, me and Karen just stood holding each other #singleAF.


“Celine Dion got married here”



During our walk we stumbled upon this cupcake store where we were pretty much forced into the store and then forced to buy stuff to eat. #DQH



I’m so happy I don’t live in Montreal because I think I would weigh about 3400679834729348792138697835720398402 pounds by now.


After all that eating, we went home to get ready for dinner – aka we napped. For dinner, Karen took me to Deville Dinebar.



If I had one wish in the world I would ask for a bigger stomach and a bigger wallet so I could order everything on the menu. Since I was only born with one stomach (like wtf man), we settled with ordering 3 things to share.


“Miami Fish Bowl”


“Bad Girl Pasta”


“Disco Poutine”

After eating, exploring, eating, shopping, eating again, we were planning on going to Velvet for their Friday event but decided that the Grandma Lyfe was the better life so we stayed in ;).

Shoutout to all my fellow grandmas out there.



We started the morning by walking to Suwu for breakfast where we pretty much had the worst customer service known to mankind even though the food was pretty good #WhatAShame #BadLuckLisa. Basically the server ignored us most of the time… we literally had to ask for everything. Here are a few examples:

“Hi, can we get two menus please?”
“hi, can we get some water?”
“hi, do you mind putting toilet paper in the washroom?”
“hi, can we get um, you know, cutlery for our food?”
“hi, can you freaking come visit this table more often since there’s like 10 of you working, two of you making out (I can’t even.. I don’t even .. what), and there’s only really 3 tables????????? THANKS.” #SassySaturdays


Smoked Salmon Bagel!

Oh yeah, I also had to ask for ketchup but I mean I had to ask for cutlery so this is not really a surprise.



After breakfast, Karen showed me the 1861 boutique that I’ve always wanted to visit. Personally, I liked their sister/daughter store better, la petite garçonne because it was more for everyday wear. I was a bit too excited so I forgot to take pictures but here are a couple I stole from the internet for you to see what it looks like on the inside:

They even have the Kendall&Kylie collection as well as Matt & Nat (for those who care LOL). The store was pretty small and since it was the long weekend, the entire female population was there that day so there was a huge line for the fitting rooms (btw they called it “cabin” #CUTE #frenchpeople). In fact, the line was so long that we literally left the store, went to 3 other stores, came back and the line didn’t move. So we went for coffee:





We also stopped by to take pictures because they had a couple of cool art pieces on the walls. Karen and I wanted to take a picture together but didn’t have anyone to take it for us… 😦 BUT THANKFULLY.. IN THAT MOMENT, we saw an Instagram boyfriend/husband with his Instagram girlfriend taking pictures so we knew in the bottom of our hearts that we found the right photographer. I walked up to the girl and before I even opened my mouth she was like, “YEAH I’ll take it” #InstagramGirls #SheKnows.







That was pretty much the gist of my weekend! I hope you all had an amazing Easter! ❤

Lisa (& Karen!)

PS. special shoutout to my girl Shirin who speaks 5 languages (okay chill girl) for coming up with the title cause my French sucks (Sorry, M. Fouquette… )




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