Gusto 101


gusto 101

Went to eat at Gusto 101 the other day to celebrate my friend Eric’s birthday #HappyBirthdayYouWeirdo! Eric came ALLLLLLLLLLL the way from Vancouver. He claims that he came here to tour around but LET’S BE REAL he missed me and flew right on over. Just kidding, he was on a vacation with his girlfriend. Btw I think this is a great time to mention that I’m a professional third-wheeler so if you’re looking for someone to third-wheel your date, I’m always looking for opportunities! You can find me on LinkedIn but if you would like more details, let me know and I can forward you my resume or we can set up a chat #Networking101.

gusto 101
Tip #1 from a professional third-wheeler: Sit IN BETWEEN the couple so you can pre-approve everything they do before they do it! Examples include conversation topics, hand gestures etc.

ANYWAY… more on the topic of this restaurant.


The three of us only ordered three plates to share because the two of them ate beforehand (why would you do that). Overall the food is AMAZING… just look at how happy I am (below).

gusto 101
I’m happiest when there is food in front of me. Or behind me so I can turn around and eat that too

Here’s what we ordered:

gusto 101
okay technically we didn’t order this because it was free but HERE’S A PICTURE ANYWAY

gusto 101
this was also free but just in case you didn’t believe me that I was at Gusto 101
gusto 101
Mozzarella di Bufala buffalo mozzarella, roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes, pink peppercorns, cubeb pepper 15.99
– this was actually one of my favourite things! (out of the 3 things but anyway). The veggies were cooked perfectly and they were all very flavourful :’)
gusto 101
Polipo grilled octopus, chimichurri, olive tapenade, piquillo purée, lemon potatoes, fried capers 15.99
– Eric claims that this is “almost better than steak” or something.
gusto 101
Mafalde ai Funghi portobello, porcini, oyster mushrooms, truffle cream sauce 17.50
– personally I liked the other two things better but this was also really good!
gusto 101
as I’m staring at this picture I want to eat again.


Okay so just to let y’all know this place has a co-ed washroom. I found out because the minute I came out of the stall there was a guy washing his hands. We both looked at each other like “OMFG OMGO OMGOMG I F*#&$ED UP” and he literally looked at every stall and it was marked “W” (for women, FYI) until he saw the one stall labeled “M” and we both laughed and talked about it later. Btw, he admitted to me that even if it was a ladies room he still would have finished drying his hands #madrespect.

gusto 101
Love the vibes here! Hope this couple didn’t think I was creeping them (even though I was #jk #amI)

gusto 101

gusto 101

Overall, I loooooooved this place and I’m definitely going to go back to grab drinks (and food of course). Definitely one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto so you have to try it!!


& shoutout to Eric because it was his birthday


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