El Catrin


Ever since my Gusto 101 post advertising my services as a professional third wheeler, I’ve been busy handling all these requests #DramaQueenHour. In all seriousness, nobody has contacted me (I know, I don’t get it either) BUT… my new roommate Rachel’s boyfriend was recently visiting from San Diego (welcome to Canada, Gordon!!!) so we decided to visit El Catrin.

a little intro to EL CATRIN

  • It’s a Mexican restaurant (duh)
  • It’s located in the Distillery District
  • Extremely stylish/trendy (look below at pictures)
  • It has an amazing patio 🙂
  • Awarded as the Best Mexican restaurant by Dine TO in 2014 (okay but real talk, what happened in 2015 and 2016… LOL jk it was really good)
  • After I typed that sentence I realized they won many awards so I’m just gonna copy and paste them here
El Catrin
take note of the “best first date restaurant”, gentlemen!!!!


El Catrin
thought I’d post the hours here…
El Catrin
You can grab a drink while you’re waiting in line!
El Catrin
Can we just all take a moment of silence to admire this beauty please? This is like a tumblr girl’s dream


El Catrin

El Catrin


Like I said above (if you’ve been reading… if not I’ll say it again #payattentionpeople), the restaurant is also located within the beautiful Distillery District so we got to walk around and check out some boutiques.

El Catrin

Since the Distillery District is also a tourist attraction and we had a tourist amongst us (*cough* Gordon*) (just kidding none of us are from TO), we decided to take some touristy pictures.

El Catrin
just casually waiting for these humans to realize that we’re trying to take a photo here like hell-o-uh #touristproblems
El Catrin
helen and I are finally alone to take the couple pictures we needed

And of course since I’m such a good third wheeler, I had to take some cute pictures for the couple of the day:

Distillery District
sooooo cuteeeee. These two lovebirds met in Germany!!! How cute is that?!??!?! #goals. Also they have a food instagram so go follow them: @raygoreats


El Catrin
can’t remember what this was called but I think it was just a watermelon margarita??? #whoknows this was pretty good but not my favourite drink
El Catrin
Left to right: Original Mojito (MY FAVOURITE OUT OF ALL OF OUR DRINKS), Casamigos (we all thought that this was a bit salty for our liking… but could’ve just been the one that we got), water (also very good, highly recommend it!)
El Catrin
yummy yum yum.

El Catrin

These are their fish tacos that were made amazingly! However, according to Gordon, they’re not “authentic tortillas” because apparently they make it way better in the states since it’s corn-based. Anyway, moral of the story is if you live close in or close to Mexico these might not be that great for you but if you do not understand Tacos as well as Gordon then these are quite fantastic #runonsentences .

Disclaimer: the 4 of us only got one taco each because 30 minutes before getting here, we decided to have a “food pre” (who does that #us) so we pretty much all ate an entrée before getting here.

El Catrin
I’ve made it a tradition to take pictures of the name of the restaurant because why not #YOLO
El Catrin
These are actually heated!! #funfact

more couple pictures…

El Catrin
voted as the #1 couple by me and helen (that’s helen.. #veryobjectivevoting)

El Catrin


If you’re thinking of visiting El Catrin yourself, here’s a few recommendations!


This restaurant actually makes it PERFECTLY


We went around 3:30pm-4pm so there was barely a line. When we walked out at around 6 the line was extremely long and it was outside! Make sure you make a reservation or you might be in line for awhile when you could have been doing something better with your life like watching Netflix (don’t say I didn’t warn ya)


If you’re planning on making the trip to El Catrin, make sure you also make time to see the cool boutiques and other shops around there. We needed to head back shortly after the restaurant but there was actually so much to explore!

Hope this blog post was helpful and you visit this place soon!


(and Helen & Rachel & Gordon)



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