Next Chapter




Top: Aritzia – “Kempner”
Cardigan: Aritzia “Pilier”
Shorts: Pull & Bear – similar here
Shoes:  Steve Madden “Infinity” – on sale now!
Sunglasses: Dior

HI GUYS!!!! 🙂

After being in school for more than half my life (17 years?! holy shit that’s like a full angry teenager), I can’t believe I’m finally done school. F.I.NA.L.L.Y. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I got put into a group project in grade 3 and had to deal with humans #DramaQueenHour #YesDramaQueenHourIsBack. Will I miss school? Uh… to some extent. I’ll definitely miss organized hang out sessions (some people call it class) with my friends, being able to sleep in because my class schedule is based on my sleeping and eating timetable, and of course the “let’s have a chill night”s that turn into black outs over the weekend. But the parts I won’t miss? Having to work even when classes are over and feeling like nothing is ever completely “done” because even if you’ve studied enough – is it still enough doe? #theanxietyisreal

Anyway, would I pursue another degree? PROBABLY NOT. HECK NO. As a person with real ADHD issues, I don’t think my brain is engineered to sit still for more than 5 minutes so I’m probably not gonna pay for another few years of putting my brain through that.


So if I’m not going to school then WTF am I doing with my life? #WhoGivesAShitBesidesMyMomButImTellingYouAnyway. The first step of my next chapter is probably dealing with my own expenses since there’s no more Bank of Mom & Dad. That means working full-time starting in September and living the rush hour life just like everybody else #Basic. With a more steady schedule in my life, I feel like it would be easier to manage other aspects of my life (this is really starting to sound like a college essay rather than a blog post but anyway). Besides, life is really just about improving yourself right…?????? (I say this every year but I end up staying the same but whatever it’s the thought that counts). That means eating healthier, exercising more, yaddi yada, it’s all the same stuff. But what else is new?


We recently started furniture shopping and organizing our room… What that really means is I do all the furniture picking and Lucas does all the organizing because of his severe OCD.

*What feels like every night*
Lucas: babe can we clean

We also realized very quickly that we I have a lot of shit clothes and someday down the road I’m gonna get that Carrie Bradshaw closet… OR EVEN THE ONE FROM PRINCESS DIARIES – either or is fine I’m not complaining ;).

The best part about school being over is the free time in the evenings (and for now… 24/7) so I’m finally able to have time to pursue the things that I have real interest in. Such as writing on this blog. Being able to write has always been an outlet but with such a busy past few years, I’ve been putting this on the back burner.

HOPEFULLY I’M BACK FOR GOOD. #ConsistencyisKey #SomethingIDontUsuallyHave.

As usual, thanks for reading :). Until next week 😉




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