Milan Fashion Week

Doing exchange in Milan means one thing… MILAN FASHION WEEK!!! *Cue tweens me at JBiebs concert screams*

But seriously, I prepared for this moment ever since I submitted my application for exchange  #EagerBeaver. I even bought my outfit months in advance and just took off the tags yesterday #FashionOlymmpics?. The only thing that didn’t go according to plan was my 6 pack that never showed up #OhWell #MaybeNextYear.

milan fashion week 2017
lugged this cape around for months just to wear for one day #lisalogic

I was traveling in the beginning of fashion week so I wasn’t able to catch Gigi, Aimee Song, and the other bloggers on site (I know, I had one job) but we came right in time for the last day 😀 #thankgod #MyOutfitWouldGoToWaste. Thankfully, Monisha also just got back from traveling and needed to check out MFW as well so we headed over to the Duomo right before class.

milan fashion week 2017

So how did we get in??? #FAQ

Long story short we showed up armed so they pretty much had to let us in.

Just kidding, but the real story’s pretty anticlimactic.

Basically we walked to the entrance and there were guards up at the front. We saw one girl walk up to security and said, “my name should be on that list” – which it was, and she got inside. I felt pretty discouraged but another group of girls looked like they were talking to the guards and he didn’t pull out any type of list, so we decided to give it a try. We simply asked, “can we head inside?” He looks at his partner, and turned to us and said yes. Once we got to entrance #2, Monisha and I kept saying to each other, “act cool, act cool… gotta pretend like we belong”. Later, a woman approached us and asked if we were press, bloggers, students, or whatever (okay she didn’t say whatever but she might as well have because who are we to be there?). We answered “students abroad” but she heard “from a blog” so she encouragingly led us to our seats. I mean technically this is going on a blog… 😉

Moral of the story: Lie??? or accidentally lie???

milan fashion week 2017

We were able to catch the last show of the entire week – Daizy Shely’s Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection.

milan fashion week 2017

I wanted to vlog my entire experience but I didn’t gather enough clips so here’s a gif I learned how to make just for this blog post LOL:

milan fashion week 2017

and this one:

milan fashion week 2017
The last walk

The entire show is exactly the way you dreamed it would be: The venue was grand with classic European architecture. There’s also classical music in the background before the show commences with photographers and press everywhere, especially towards the end of the catwalk:


The show itself was not very long but there was a lot to take in. There were a lot of details on each of the outfits so it was almost overwhelming as my first time trying to take in everything: the venue, the models, the music, etc. What was almost as amazing to watch was the audience. The entire audience was extremely dressed up, sunglasses in their faces, clutches in hand, and speaking a bunch of different languages.

milan fashion week 2017

When the show was over, everyone took the opportunity to take pictures in the venue. INCLUDING US OF COURSE 😀

Angle #1

We were really lucky and found someone that took photos for us in all different kinds of angles. This is the type of people we need to surround ourselves with :’) #MakesMeTear #Grateful

milan fashion week 2017
Angle #2. This guy rocks.

Maybe next time we’ll get an invite and not have to accidentally lie our way through??? LOL #OneCanDream

PS. For people thinking of sneaking in: make sure you dress the part, you never know what’s going to happen! They’re also more inclined to let you in if you look like you’re part of it!


Sweet Escape

outfit details

shoes – jeffrey campbell “melina boot” (sold out)
aritzia “dexter pant” 
aritzia “palmier sweater
victoria emerson & links of london
marc jacobs 
urban outfitters & brandy melville
– dior “so real

AGO First Thursdays

Ever since Karen told me about AGO’s First Thursdays last summer I’ve always wanted to go (okay I lied I  never went with her but I forget why #SORRYKARENiloveyou #butseriously #loveyou). I finally went this week with Kristina since we’re all grown up and all… #notreally.

Art Gallery of Ontario - AGO

me: can we get a full body shot
random dude: of course!!!!!!!

… …. …. omg look at our feet it looks so amazing!!!!!

Art Gallery of Ontario - AGO
“what am i looking at..”
Art Gallery of Ontario - AGO
classic floor staring picture (@josh @alex this one’s for you two)

Art Gallery of Ontario - AGO
Art Gallery of Ontario - AGO

Art Gallery of Ontario - AGO



Since I started moving into my apartment right after work, by the time we got to the museum it was around 9:30-10? Not the best time to show up and appreciate art because there was so much we could have seen (and eat) but so little time. So for next time… prob gonna show up at like 1pm #jk #startsat7


There was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (is that enough Os for you) much going on that I didn’t know what to do with my ADHD self. We were walking back and forth like let’s do this WAIT NO LET’S DO THAT NO WAIT NO WAIT FA;LSDKFJA;LSDKGJOWAEIJ;ADKFJ; let’s just go home. But seriously there was a live band, painting activities, FOOD #mostimportant, drinks, and of course, art. Moral of the story is show up early so you can do everything the museum has to offer and do not bring kids because it’s a 19+ event so why would you do that anyway.

3. Do not press “uber pool”

Okay this has nothing to do with the museum but I accidentally pressed “uberpool” (who knew that was a thing?!?!) so we ended up having to wait for some random dude for five minutes even though he never showed up #ihatehumans. Just a warning for all you people who didn’t know about Uberpool to not use that option if you are in a rush like we were.

Overall… I loved this museum. I feel like mainly because there were no kids running and screaming so it was almost like a free yoga session. But really, I was at the Ontario Science Museum the other day and there were so many kids running and screaming with parents yelling “STOP RUNNING. STOP SCREAMING. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE” that I’m forever scarred from having kids. ANYWAY back on topic, this was definitely a great experience and I definitely recommend trying it if you are ever in Toronto during the first Thursday of the month!


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Night Out In Toronto

Got a surprise visit from Marga on Saturday!

I love introducing my friends to each other and I love it even more when they get along #YAY #WorldPeace101 #DramaQueenHour
I love introducing my friends to each other and I love it even more when they get along #YAY #WorldPeace101 #DramaQueenHour

Lucy also joined us shortly later, and we decided to admire the view of my balcony (THANKS ANDRIA) as well as taking a few pictures ;).

(SIDE NOTE #ADDmoment: You know what I just thought of?? Remember back in high school, the word “selfie” didn’t exist and we always used the word “camwhoring”…?! Like what happened to that word… it just disappeared. It’s like “selfie” = Kim Kardashian and “camwhoring” = Paris Hilton #JUSTSAYING #whereisshe) Anyway, we decided to have dinner at this restaurant that’s really close to my house called Hair of the Dog (really doesn’t make it sound appetizing but whatever). I wanted to try this place because every day when I walk to school/yoga/mall I literally see millions a bunch of people on their patio and it always seems packed (so it must be good right?).

The restaurant was super chill and the food tasted AH-MAZING. I kid you not, when I took a bite out of my grilled cheese I quietly whispered to it, “I know this probably means nothing to you, but it just means a lot for me to say this. I don’t really say this that often but when I mean it, I mean it. I just wanted to say… I love you…” #DramaQueenHour. No but seriously, you guys. You have have have to go to this place to try out their Butter Chicken Grilled Cheese. We also ordered their Baked Potatoes which was also really good (but not as good as the fabulous grilled cheese that took me on a trip to heaven and back).

Baked Potatoes
Baked Potatoes

IMG_4016 IMG_4015 Here’s the rest of the menu if you want to see!

After dinner, Kristina came over to get ready before heading out to Citizen for the first time (well… my first time. It’s probably her one millionth time ;D).

reunited ❤

IMG_3992 So Marga decided to do that whole carpe diem thing and came out with us ;). And spent the night. And spent the next day at my place. #Oops #BadInfluence..? Since Marga didn’t have anything on her, I lent her my going out clothes, my shoes, my PJs… to the point where didn’t even have anything anymore. I didn’t even wear PJs because she wore them. She took my pillow in the middle of the night so I slept on nothing. She also took my blanket. Next thing I know my parents won’t even call me anymore, they’ll just call Marga. #DQH #Thanks Marga

I should really get a spray tan before taking pictures with filipinos (well… technically Kristina’s half) #Whatever #SameThing
blurry… just like that night… LOL

Overall, weekend well spent (since I went out instead of Netflixing). Speaking of Netflix… I started to watch the Mindy Project and I realized that me and Mindy could be BFFLs since she’s also quite the drama queen ;). (Who else watches the Mindy Project?!) Anyway, back to doing my homework now #ExcitingLife. Have an amazing week, y’all 🙂 Love, Lisa

Summertime Madness

Aloha, summer…

….. school.

Who else is spending the summer looking at books instead of tanning on a beach? #IFeelYa

As much as I love Vancouver, I really wanted to try something new this summer. More importantly, I really wanted to learn something #NotCheesyAtAll. But really, I feel like summer is the perfect opportunity to learn more about yourself by building on your existing passions or to explore new ones. I’ve spent way too many hours locked up in the library dreaming of doing something else other than deciding whether or not to Reject or Fail To Reject Ho (#StatProblems).

AND THIS IS WHY… I’ve decided to take matters in my own hands by spending another few months away from home (I miss you Mom, Dad, and sometimes even #StinkyJohn) in order to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do. Luckily, I’ll be spending almost the entire summer in one of my favourite cities (that would be you, Toronto). I mean, my roommates even got me my first pair of Roots sweatpants so I’m pretty much officially  an Ontarioian now. Anyway, if you’re in downtown Toronto… give me a holler ;). Also, if you have any food recommendations/summer activity recommendations (but mostly food), you better be messaging me right now so I can add it to my summer bucket list.

Speaking of summer bucket lists, a few of the things I would like to accomplish before the end of the summer (please help me expand this!!!):

  1. Explore Kensington Market
  2. Try Chipotle  done!!!
  3. Try Jabistro also done!!!
  4. Vancouver (August..?)
  5. Go up the CN tower because I’ve been in Ontario for 3 years and this still has not be done
  7. TO food fest
  8. Go to a concert/music fest (WHICH ONE #ThatsTheRealQuestion)
  9. High school musical marathon
  10. Harry Potter Marathon
  11. Marathons in general
  12. Drive in movie-theatre (does this exist)
  13. Hike @ Squamish / the Chief
  14. HOT YOGAAAA (in the process)
  15. Paddle boarding
  16. Bonfire
  17. Eat a bunch of raw oysters
  18. Visit Canada’s Wonderland because I still have not gone #WhatIsWrongWithMe
  19. Watch the sunrise from my apartment
  20. Go to a spa (much needed)



my attitude towards this summer


But for now, my weekdays are dedicated to school. Oh yeah, I go to Ryerson now. WESTERN, IT’S BEEN REAL. THANK YOU. Lol jk I’m just here for the summer.

my dads :') #2isBetterThan1
my dads :’) #2isBetterThan1
:') #MadeHimProud
:’) #MadeHimProud

ALSO I MADE A NEW FRIEND :’) Her name’s Karen (Hiiiiiiii Karen). And here’s us being tourists on campus because so far we’ve managed to get lost every day of the week.




Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset



Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


Me: pants = Babaton Errol Pant // top = Babaton Carson Bustier 

Karen: pants = Wilfred (similiar here) // blazer = Wilfred Chevalier Jacket

I hope you all have a wonderful, amazing summer and let me know where I should eat/explore in Toronto!!


PS. I miss you, my Vancouverites