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Went to Beertown on Sunday with Cindy, Jason, and Josh for our second department outing! Josh was about to bail (what else is new #JK #NotReally) because he was “sick” but I’m even sicker so he had no excuse. Long story short, he was dragged out #YouCantSayNoToMe #OrYouGetABlackEye. Anyway, I finally got the chance to try Beertown’s sampler. It’s basically what the name is: a sample of a bunch of beers.


Since we were too poor not down to get drunk (k they weren’t, I was fully down #JK #ButAmIThough), we didn’t get the full sized sampler which was $80 for all 30. Instead, we got two paddles: 1) Sweet + Light (because hell-o, half of us our girls and we want our girlie drinks tyvm #SassySundays) and 2) Tour of Beer.

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So we spent the evening sipping on our drinks and catching up. Thank god our mutual friend Alcohol was there because some of the stories that were going around (more like just one person’s story #YouKnowWhoYouAre), really motivated us to finish our drinks 10x faster (and this was when we regretted not getting the full sized sampler).

I’ve wanted to review the ones I liked and didn’t like but after about the 3rd one I got lazy and stopped #WorstCriticEver. All you have to know is that the good ones are:

  1. Somersby #Basic
  2. Fruli #Girlie
  3. English Bay #ShoutoutToVancouver

The nasty ones are is: (oh look at how big the picture is for this one)

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Literally, we all took a sip of it and was like, “Gross. Do not try.” It was nasty. I just. I can’t. No words. Just don’t do it. Don’t.
I mean, why do you think the catch phrase is, “A Taste For The Unexpected” #FoodForThought #DramaQueenHour.

The rest of the beers were kinda all just like “meh, tastes the same”. For those of you beer lovers going like, “WTF they’re all so different”. Well… there’s probably a difference but listen pal, we were there for the company, not to be the top commenter on Yelp #YouGoWriteYourOwnPost #EasilyButthurtPeople.

We also shared Mac n’ Cheese afterwards 🙂 #CutestDepartmentEver. What was even cuter was that the waiter knew that two of us (Josh & I) were sick so they gave us all separate plates #AppreciateTheLittleThingsInLife.

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Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

(And Media & Marketing ;D)


Hello, 2nd/3rd Year!


I’m back! #YAY #ForSome. My blog is probably the closest thing I’ve come to love in the past 1/2 year so the fact that I didn’t write in it for the past month(s?) feels almost like abandoning my only boyfriend #DramaQueenHour #NotLikeIWouldHave2BoyfriendsAtOnce #ButStill #LetsWorryAboutGettingJustOnePlease.

Since it’s been so long since I’ve posted and the trees are turning colour now, please forgive me if I’m a little rusty #WhoGotThat. The reason why I stopped posting in the first place was because my family and I went on a few getaWEIS to Florida and the Caribbean before my brother and I headed back to school. Since the internet on the cruise costs the equivalent of a brand new iPhone 6 (not even an understatement…), I decided to postpone blogging.

(preview of what the next #FBF post would be 😉 #StayTuned)

After weeks of pigging out and tanning in Saint Martin’s, I headed back to London where I was welcomed by school work and a new job. I feel like those two things alone basically explain why I’ve been so MIA lately – working 15 hours on top of a full course load ain’t easy (for me, anyway. I don’t know how some of the girls at work do it #WonderWomen #AndThenTheresMe).

Other than that, I’ve been enjoying 2nd/3rd year so far! #HopefullyIDidntJustCurseMyself – Side note: I never know how to respond when people ask me what year I’m in because I don’t even know myself… I mean, technically this is my third year in university but this is actually only my second year here… #Awks. What I’ve actually been doing is asking them what year THEY’RE in and whatever is closest I say that.


Me: Oh cool! What year are you in?
Him/Her: Second


Me: What year are you in?
Him/Her: 4th, what about you?
Me: 3rd!!! 🙂

Maybe I shouldn’t have posted that on my blog because now I’ve exposed all my secrets… #OhWell

The past month has been quite eventful to say the least:


Hello again, Martin Garrix!


While most of us spent our childhoods watching Disney movies, my girl Cindy spent most of her childhood watching YouTube tutorials on how to do hair. I guess it pays off because LOOK AT MY HAIR THAT WAS DONE BY HER – #HairGenius

(PS. I’m totally going to force her to watch HSM and all her Disney movies from now – obviously #WhatDidYouExpect #ItsForHerOwnGood)


… even though I left early to go to work #Why



Annual “first CAISA Bar Night” Picture:






This year, CAISA’s Media & Marketing adopted two new babies!!!!


Got our adoption papers ready



Meet Josh & Jason – the addition to our super lovely family


I’m sorry that I suck at flip cup

That’s all from me for now!

Talk to you all soon – (“soon”)  #JK #CantAbandonMyOnlyBoyfriendThatIsntEvenHumanButABlog


My 20th Bee-Day

I AM STILL ALIVE. And I’m not saying that because I turned 20 not long ago but because I haven’t been posting in awhile #Sorry #BlameBiz2257 #NothingIsEverMyFault #JustRememberThatFutureBoyfriend. When I started this blog, I wanted to blog about my life so one day I can look back and remember each day/week/whatever in detail. Then I realized that majority of my posts have been on things that happened ages ago. #DefeatsThePurpose #YouGoLisa

what are you doing, girl?!

Since I’ve basically been doing my own thing instead of doing what I said I was gonna do… I’ll try to start posting more of the things that are happening in the present-ish 🙂 #AboutTime #NotTheMovie.

Last Thursday, I celebrated reaching the 2 decade milestone on this planet. I was so blessed to have my CAISA famjam there for the first moments of my birthday #BestPeopleEver #Trust.

It was kind of a sad moment for me because it was the last meeting with this year’s exec team, but I guess Victor’s sparkler made up for that.

Thanks, Vic!

Once I got home from the meeting #GotARide #SpecialTreatment #ThanksVic, my two lovely roomies greeted me with a cake. But that wasn’t the best part. They made me this DVD with a collection of our videos this year.

Media and Marketing (missing half of our group)

Let me first explain what’s going on before I give you the link because it’s slightly embarrassing. In the beginning of the year, after I met these two equally crazy individuals, we had the idea to make videos of us just talking about our days.

We wanted to document everything (just like with me and this blog) so we could remember this year at Western. But things sort of got out of hand when we really started to believe that nobody would ever see these, hence us being too much ourselves. The DVD they made me is actually 30 minutes long but Marga shortened it. I mean, if you really want to watch all 30, definitely let me know LOL #DoubtIt.


After my biz class, I went to Popeye’s with Janet, Shay, and Alan because we love fried chicken and there was a good deal #CoolStoryBro #ButReallyItWasCool. At this point in time it was already pretty late so I had to quickly grab my free Starbucks and begin on my assignment that was due in 6 hours #ILoveProcrastinating. Oh yeah, I also needed to start and finish my CAISA director application for next year because it was also due that night and I definitely wanted to see those lovely faces again so I basically rushed through everything and had a panic attack #CanYouTellByThisSuperLongSentence.


If you don’t know what Popeye’s is, you’re probably from BC. Basically, it’s ON’s version of Church’s Chicken. Tbh, my fave is still KFC … LOL

After almost getting my brain fried #WasItTheFriedChicken #DramaQueenHour, I had to get ready to go to… *drum roll please, thanks* NERVO! #OHYEAH


And… basically my writing ends here because I don’t quite seem to remember so I’ll just… yeah… say goodbye now… #Awkward