Milan Fashion Week

Doing exchange in Milan means one thing… MILAN FASHION WEEK!!! *Cue tweens me at JBiebs concert screams*

But seriously, I prepared for this moment ever since I submitted my application for exchange  #EagerBeaver. I even bought my outfit months in advance and just took off the tags yesterday #FashionOlymmpics?. The only thing that didn’t go according to plan was my 6 pack that never showed up #OhWell #MaybeNextYear.

milan fashion week 2017
lugged this cape around for months just to wear for one day #lisalogic

I was traveling in the beginning of fashion week so I wasn’t able to catch Gigi, Aimee Song, and the other bloggers on site (I know, I had one job) but we came right in time for the last day 😀 #thankgod #MyOutfitWouldGoToWaste. Thankfully, Monisha also just got back from traveling and needed to check out MFW as well so we headed over to the Duomo right before class.

milan fashion week 2017

So how did we get in??? #FAQ

Long story short we showed up armed so they pretty much had to let us in.

Just kidding, but the real story’s pretty anticlimactic.

Basically we walked to the entrance and there were guards up at the front. We saw one girl walk up to security and said, “my name should be on that list” – which it was, and she got inside. I felt pretty discouraged but another group of girls looked like they were talking to the guards and he didn’t pull out any type of list, so we decided to give it a try. We simply asked, “can we head inside?” He looks at his partner, and turned to us and said yes. Once we got to entrance #2, Monisha and I kept saying to each other, “act cool, act cool… gotta pretend like we belong”. Later, a woman approached us and asked if we were press, bloggers, students, or whatever (okay she didn’t say whatever but she might as well have because who are we to be there?). We answered “students abroad” but she heard “from a blog” so she encouragingly led us to our seats. I mean technically this is going on a blog… 😉

Moral of the story: Lie??? or accidentally lie???

milan fashion week 2017

We were able to catch the last show of the entire week – Daizy Shely’s Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection.

milan fashion week 2017

I wanted to vlog my entire experience but I didn’t gather enough clips so here’s a gif I learned how to make just for this blog post LOL:

milan fashion week 2017

and this one:

milan fashion week 2017
The last walk

The entire show is exactly the way you dreamed it would be: The venue was grand with classic European architecture. There’s also classical music in the background before the show commences with photographers and press everywhere, especially towards the end of the catwalk:


The show itself was not very long but there was a lot to take in. There were a lot of details on each of the outfits so it was almost overwhelming as my first time trying to take in everything: the venue, the models, the music, etc. What was almost as amazing to watch was the audience. The entire audience was extremely dressed up, sunglasses in their faces, clutches in hand, and speaking a bunch of different languages.

milan fashion week 2017

When the show was over, everyone took the opportunity to take pictures in the venue. INCLUDING US OF COURSE 😀

Angle #1

We were really lucky and found someone that took photos for us in all different kinds of angles. This is the type of people we need to surround ourselves with :’) #MakesMeTear #Grateful

milan fashion week 2017
Angle #2. This guy rocks.

Maybe next time we’ll get an invite and not have to accidentally lie our way through??? LOL #OneCanDream

PS. For people thinking of sneaking in: make sure you dress the part, you never know what’s going to happen! They’re also more inclined to let you in if you look like you’re part of it!


My Favourite Store

Originally, this was titled, “My Favourite Store in the Whole Wide World”. Though accurate, I took out the last 5 words due to its LG-ness. But now you know how I feel about the store I’m about to tell you guys.


MUJI!!!!!!!! ❤

*insert fireworks*

here ya go.

Even though I’ve only recently discovered it (in Taiwan) but Muji has actually been around for a very long time. I guess I never noticed because the last time I was in Taiwan, I was so young so all I really cared about was Hello Kitty #CanAnybodyElseRelate.

My childhood. (Side story: my cousin told me how hello kitty originated and ruined my childhood. It has something to do with evil little girls etc. If you want to ruin your own childhood, google this story)

Anywho, now that I’m much older and I could care less about who Kitty says Hello to, I am now into shopping for things to put my things #AkaContainerShopping. (Who else has seen the movie Bad Neighbours? They made me realize one thing: You know you’re old when you love shopping for containers).

If you haven’t seen bad neighbours, I just have one question for you. “Uh… why..?”. Listen, the world has done us all a favour by putting Zac Efron and Dave Franco in one movie so why would you not want to witness this miracle first hand? Seriously. #DramaQueenHour

SO ANYWAY #BackOnTopic #GotTooSidetracked, back to Muji. What I love about this store (besides the fact that it sells containers), is the fact that they’re super good quality 🙂 And they’re pretty. Can’t forget that.

Instead of going on and on about why this store is so great, you should just check out their store online instead (I linked it earlier but in case you weren’t paying attention here it is again). Or better yet, if you’re in NYC or in Asia, STOP BY!!!! I promise you, you won’t regret it. Unless you’re still into Hello Kitty then this might not appeal to you.


Before I show you, I gotta warn you that I went a little crazy when I went in this store with my cousin (btw thank you Jessie for showing me this store. I love you and I owe you big time) and Maria. LET ME FIRST DEFEND MYSELF BY SAYING THIS: 1) I did not buy all this in one go. 2) The prices are not like the prices in the US because it was a lot cheaper in Asia. 3) I got my tax back YAY. and 4) I will never see MUJI again for the next few years so… #JustLetMeBe #TYVM


This is one of my favourite purchases from here (hence being #1). It keeps everything so neat and organized so it makes me feel like I’m in heaven whenever I look at it #DramaQueenHour.

Link here (there are a couple of different sizes but I’m not sure what size I got…)

Here’s my own picture:

everything I need to help me put my face on - minus my actual face
everything I need to help me put my face on – minus my actual face



These are soooo classy and cute (how much of a princess do I sound here LOL) and makes everything so easy to organize. The following are the ones I got:


Link here
Link here

I actually got one more but they sold out and they’re no longer on the website so… 😦


I know this may seem like a waste of money to some of you, but if you’re OCD about your bag touching the ground whenever you go out to eat, this is kind of a must-have.


Link here


Once again, this too may seem like a waste of money until you sit through a 12 hour flight in the most uncomfortable chair and you travel across the country with no neck rest. #WorthEveryPenny. Also, this one differs from the other neck cushions because you can unhook it and become a pillow for your bed #2in1 #WhatMoreCanYouAskFor #IAppreciateTheLittleThingsInLife

Link Here


5. More Containers

If I share exactly what containers I got, I might be a grandmother already. So instead, I’m just going to link you the page with basically all the things I got. I purchased most of the things on this page. Mostly because I’m beginning to realize I travel quite a bit (not in a sense that I fly to a different country, but I am constantly moving from one location to another: sleeping over at a friend’s, visiting my yoga studio… etc.) These little containers come in handy so I don’t have to constantly bring my full size shampoos, conditioners, and so on.


Checking out their stationary is a must! I bought some notebooks for me and my brother and I’m loving it so far! Love the paper 🙂


I’m pretty sure there are a couple of more things but… but at least you get the idea :). Point is, add this to your bucket list before skydiving 😉

Happy browsing!



Today, I realized why I’ve always thought the media is a brainwashing tool.

and I’m a victim

For example, back in Vancouver (or anywhere in North America for that matter), this is what I wanted to look like:

Just to be clear, I’m referring to the tanned-ness and not the fact that she’s Caucasian cause I’m perfectly fine with my Asian features #ForNow

Now that I’m in Asia, I want to look like this:

It’s only been less than 2 weeks and they’re already brainwashing me into wanting to be a different colour #MakesNoSense #ThatsMyOriginalColour

You may argue that I can’t have both but I disagree:

best of both words?? #JK #DontTakeMeSeriously

I may have exaggerated a bit #ALot, but I definitely realized the impact the media has on me (and maybe you?). It’s difficult to notice when you’re constantly surrounded by this propaganda #DramaQueenHour. It only caught my eye because the ideal image of “beauty” in Asia is different than in North America. So when I began to want to look like typical Asian movie stars rather than tanned American celebrities, I started to ask myself if what I’m starting to like is innate or if I’m just being brainwashed. It’s disappointing to see that our idea of what is beautiful and what we should look like is highly controlled by the media around us. This probably explains the higher bulimia rates in America compared to all other countries. (read this from my psych textbook) #DoYouFeelLikeYoureUnderwater #BecauseThisIsKindaDeep


am I being brainwashed? #Probably

Speaking of being brainwashed, I thought I’d drag you down with me and brainwash you with some of the things I (not the TV) discovered in Asia. I usually don’t never post stuff about products because I’m definitely far from being a beauty guru but… #YOLO #FakeItTilYouMake.

It’s amazing how make-up gurus can come up with so many looks so frequently #Pro #WonderWoman

Before I go on to share some of my favourite brands/products, there’s something you should know #SoundsSerious #WhenAmISeriousThough. The most important thing to me when it comes to buying skin-care (and some make-up) products is their ingredients. I would rather spend a ton of money on good quality items than something cheap that looks good but is bad for your skin #URSkinIsImportant #DontSettleForLess. This may explain why I prefer some brands more than others. If you know me, you’re probably aware of the fact that I’m pretty lazy. This is why I prefer to look at brands as a whole (and what ingredients they use) instead of looking at ingredients per product. That saves me time when I shop but at the same time it gives me a sense of security knowing that I’m still purchasing some pretty darn good things.



I actually started to use their stuff a long, long, time ago (like 3 years ago #NotLongAtAll) so it’s not really something I discovered in Asia but I thought I’d share. Initially, I only used their products because I mooched them off my mom so I could spend my money elsewhere. About a year ago, I actually began to really like them when I learned about their ingredients. There are certain ingredients you should try to avoid even though they’re FDA friendly (I’ll share them another time because I don’t have that list on me – it’s in Vancouver). A year ago when I did some intense research (actually not that intense), I found out that Clinque avoided using all of those ingredients and I really like the fact that they’re scent free.


The reason I’m in love with their stuff is because they use papaya enzymes and other natural ingredients that are good for your skin. I’m not going to go into detail about the science-y stuff (because I don’t feel like embarrassing myself today) but you can read about all their stuff here. They also use advanced technology that hasn’t been used by any other company because they were smart enough to patent everything. This is a Korean brand – I only say this because this is another way for you to know that it’s some cutting edge stuff because Korea is really advanced in the beauty segment (plastic surgery, make-up, you name it – anything to do with your face, basically)

****I’ve been using their face washes and papaya enzyme extract and I’ve been loving it so far! 🙂 #NotConvincingAtAll #Whatever #NotGettingPaidForThis


*Note: There are some other brands that are also affiliated with this corporation such as IOPE, Etude House, Innis Free, etc 



I first heard of this brand when Maria told me about a cool make-up store she went to called Too Cool For School #LameName #ThatRhymed #AmIGoodOrWhat. Later on that week my aunt came home with one of their “lunch boxes” and gave one to me to try.

And it was okay, I guess. Whatever.


First of all, going back on the whole “lazy” thing, their Lunch Box had foundation, concealer and highlighter #BestThingEver #3in1. I didn’t even get to the best part yet. It compliments my yellow undertone thanks to being Asian so it was a foundation that really matched my skin tone. What I’m trying to say is if you’re Asian you should use this. Okay not really. But kinda.

some of their other things. SO CUTE!!!!


Since this is my first time sharing beauty stuff, I thought I’d keep it to just these 3 for now. Okay, the real reason is because my uncle just brought me and Maria lunch from Costco (Taiwan version) so I really want to go eat my food now. (And watch last week’s Vampire Diaries) #Priorities

BYE!! 🙂