Got a couple of questions after posting about surfing on Instagram so I thought I’d make a post! Granted, I was definitely not the person who discovered this (thank you Alex, Emily W, Emily C, and Callie for the suggestion and Monisha for booking for us!!!) so I’m just here to relay the message so that all humans on earth can enjoy approximately $20CAN (it’s actually 15 euros) worth of 2 hours of surf rentals and lessons!!! (If you know something better and you’re hiding it from the world – I hate you.)

PS. Surfing in Tofino (Canada) is about $100 for the exact same thing so yes, this is a big deal.


Click here to Cascais Surf School & Camp’s website to see their rates and follow their instructions (in other words simply send them an email and see when they’re available!). I also realized after visiting the page that we got our rates even cheaper because we were students on exchange (#Erasmus LOL) but it’s cheap nonetheless!!

Not to boost their ego but they also have a 5 star rating on tripadvisor so…


The beach itself is not in Lisbon exactly – you have to train your ass to the beach. I’ve even left a few instructions:

#1 – Get from wherever you are (Airbnb, Hostel, Hotel, the street, the bush, etc) to the station: Cais do Sodré 

tip: I would Uber there because Ubers in Lisbon are dirt cheap especially if you split with people. If not, WALK. It’s a nice scenery (not that I would know with all the Ubers but from what I’ve seen around and heard from other people…) and plus the city is not that big!

#2 – Buy a round-trip train ticket to Carcavelos (unless they’ve changed the destination, but this is where we were told to go)

From there, the beach is about a 5 minute walk!


Instructors were absolutely amazing (as you can see from their trip advisor review). They were extremely helpful and they don’t give up on you – EVEN IF YOU’RE GIVING UP ON YOURSELF LOL. They also learn your name within the first 5 minutes and they say it with their cute Portuguese accents (Liiiizaaaa!!!!). Which also means that if you screw up they yell your name in the middle of the ocean #NoLie #ButInACuteAndFunnyWay.

eg. *me trying to hop on my surfboard*

It was really fun (how basic can that statement be) – definitely lots of work but so worth it! 1000/1000 would recommend to friend. And non-friends.

post surfing sangria!! ❤
“Gourmet burger” with out the bread and an egg?? #portugesestyle LOL

FAQ (that I made up by myself so who knows)


Yes m’dear. The water is cold especially if you’re not going in the middle of summer in 30 degree weather. But have no fear, wet suits are here!! No lie, these wet suits will keep you so warm that you won’t even notice the coldness of the water.


Also a yes. The three of us were sore for two days afterwards. One of us was sore all over, one of us was sore upper body, and the other one was sore just in the shoulders (not pointing at who is who ;D). So it really depends on who you are but don’t underestimate the work out that this gives you!


Wear your bathing suit underneath already. Do not think to change into your bathing suit because the minute you get to that parking lot they already have wet suits and surfboards ready for you.


  • flip flops
  • towel
  • Hair tie (I was originally going to say for girls but with all the man-buns these days who knows)
  • GREAT ATTITUDE 😀 (I sound like a mother)

That’s about it, folks!

Hope y’all have a great time surfing in Portugal like we did!!!!



Pâques à Montréal // Easter in Montreal



Wow, it’s been awhile (THANKS, IVEY and your busy @$$ schedule). Who thought I abandoned this site?

yeah, same.

Anyway, I finally got the chance to escape this wannabe-England-City (#London) to the beautiful city of Montréal. For the record, I did not know that Montreal has amazing food. Not just your everyday amazing. Like the type of amazing food that makes you dream about it days after (not like I do that or anything…)


As luck would have it, my bus to Montreal broke down and also my Uber driver cancelled on me #BadLuckLisa (this is pretty much the theme to most of my days) so after the longest ride of my entire life and probably everybody’s lives #DramaQueenHour, I finally arrived in Montreal at 2am. But I soon forgot about all this the minute I saw Karen and she took me to one of the best restaurants – EVER (and this is coming from someone who eats out a lot).

Ladies and gents, I would like to introduce to you Olive & gourmando, also known as the restaurant that I’ve been dreaming about everyday since.




okay I kid you not the sandwich literally melted in my mouth I can’t even think about it right now omg I can’t even


The Cubain 12.95 Pancetta, roasted pork, raw milk gruyère, and our delicious lime, cilantro, chipotle, and pickle mayonnaise. (I copied that from the menu not because I memorized it even though I wouldn’t be surprised if I did) & soup of the day (quinoa & chicken)

Since there was a line up, we explored around Old Montreal. This is where I wish I had longer legs because why the heck does everyone walk so freaking fast?! *Cough* KAREN *cough*.

“I look like a tourist”
“you ARE a tourist”
“oh yeah”




#HUMANS getting in the way of my picture omg #IHateEveryone

Loving these!!! Too bad they’re for men


LOL if you look closely at this picture, you can see a couple in the bottom right hand corner and I took this in the exact moment when this car drove by really fast and the boyfriend was all like “HELL NAH” and he moved to the side of the road to protect his girlfriend. Meanwhile, me and Karen just stood holding each other #singleAF.


“Celine Dion got married here”



During our walk we stumbled upon this cupcake store where we were pretty much forced into the store and then forced to buy stuff to eat. #DQH



I’m so happy I don’t live in Montreal because I think I would weigh about 3400679834729348792138697835720398402 pounds by now.


After all that eating, we went home to get ready for dinner – aka we napped. For dinner, Karen took me to Deville Dinebar.



If I had one wish in the world I would ask for a bigger stomach and a bigger wallet so I could order everything on the menu. Since I was only born with one stomach (like wtf man), we settled with ordering 3 things to share.


“Miami Fish Bowl”


“Bad Girl Pasta”


“Disco Poutine”

After eating, exploring, eating, shopping, eating again, we were planning on going to Velvet for their Friday event but decided that the Grandma Lyfe was the better life so we stayed in ;).

Shoutout to all my fellow grandmas out there.



We started the morning by walking to Suwu for breakfast where we pretty much had the worst customer service known to mankind even though the food was pretty good #WhatAShame #BadLuckLisa. Basically the server ignored us most of the time… we literally had to ask for everything. Here are a few examples:

“Hi, can we get two menus please?”
“hi, can we get some water?”
“hi, do you mind putting toilet paper in the washroom?”
“hi, can we get um, you know, cutlery for our food?”
“hi, can you freaking come visit this table more often since there’s like 10 of you working, two of you making out (I can’t even.. I don’t even .. what), and there’s only really 3 tables????????? THANKS.” #SassySaturdays


Smoked Salmon Bagel!

Oh yeah, I also had to ask for ketchup but I mean I had to ask for cutlery so this is not really a surprise.



After breakfast, Karen showed me the 1861 boutique that I’ve always wanted to visit. Personally, I liked their sister/daughter store better, la petite garçonne because it was more for everyday wear. I was a bit too excited so I forgot to take pictures but here are a couple I stole from the internet for you to see what it looks like on the inside:

They even have the Kendall&Kylie collection as well as Matt & Nat (for those who care LOL). The store was pretty small and since it was the long weekend, the entire female population was there that day so there was a huge line for the fitting rooms (btw they called it “cabin” #CUTE #frenchpeople). In fact, the line was so long that we literally left the store, went to 3 other stores, came back and the line didn’t move. So we went for coffee:





We also stopped by to take pictures because they had a couple of cool art pieces on the walls. Karen and I wanted to take a picture together but didn’t have anyone to take it for us… 😦 BUT THANKFULLY.. IN THAT MOMENT, we saw an Instagram boyfriend/husband with his Instagram girlfriend taking pictures so we knew in the bottom of our hearts that we found the right photographer. I walked up to the girl and before I even opened my mouth she was like, “YEAH I’ll take it” #InstagramGirls #SheKnows.







That was pretty much the gist of my weekend! I hope you all had an amazing Easter! ❤

Lisa (& Karen!)

PS. special shoutout to my girl Shirin who speaks 5 languages (okay chill girl) for coming up with the title cause my French sucks (Sorry, M. Fouquette… )



This Is Not Goodbye

Hi!!!!!! IT’S BEEN TOO LONG, MY FRIEND #WhoAmITalkingTo.  Even if you could care less what I’ve been up to, I’m gonna tell you anyway because that’s about the most power I’ll ever get in my 20 years of living #GiveMeAFewMomentsOfGloryPlease.

With the power vested in me… I now pronounce this blog post perhaps the longest one I’ve written #NotReally

To be quite honest, this is about the 5th time I’m attempting to write a blog post. I think it’s because I haven’t written one in so long so I have a lot to say. My brain was so occupied with trying to choose  what to talk about first. But don’t worry (you’re probably not worried), I’m sure I’ll get to all of it 😉

My last few days in Taiwan had been extremely hectic. I also struggled with the biggest first world problem ever – living without internet for majority of the time. I am proud to say that I am now officially able to live without internet #LOL #AmIFunnyOrWhat #WhoAmIKidding #NowNowLetsBeReal.

good one, right?

I think Maria can agree when I say that one of our biggest highlights of staying in Taiwan was our trip to Kenting. Mainly because we met 2 new friends and had a blast being rebels – none of you should be surprised since I’ve already warned you about doing crazy things. In fact, this is probably one of the least craziest things so I’m sorry if we’re disappointing you in any way.


Anywho, I’d like to dedicate this post to my 2 new friends, Lay (is that how you spell it) & Leo. I think my favourite part about meeting these two is that they knew as much English as we knew Cantonese (okay that’s a lie, they were way better). So basically our communication included lots of hand gestures, translators, and switching from language to language. Nonetheless, we had a fantastical time and even though I just met them, I can pretty much say I love them to death.

this is for you two sillies
this is for you two sillies

The first day we were at Kenting, Maria and I had a super chillax day at our resort. We (just Maria) laid in the sand and enjoyed the sun. I realized that it’s so difficult for me to just lie down and relax. WHAT HAS SCHOOL DONE TO ME? I would lie down for about 3 seconds and be done with it and want to move onto other activities. This whole “zen” thing is really not me but I definitely want to work on that this summer… #ItsTheThoughtThatCounts

definitely making this my goal this summer

Whilst I tried my best to lie on the sand and Maria enjoys the sun, we talked about fate. More specifically, whether this concept of “fate” and “destiny” exist because I’m a big believer in fate but Maria thinks it’s BS (okay that’s not her exact words but she doesn’t believe in it). Little did she know that very soon, her entire view on life was going to change #DramaQueenHourPt2.

That night, we decided to go to the night market for the usual (food – the greatest joy of life). We came across this really cute headband store and Maria wanted to take a look. Since I was on shopping probation, I was just kinda standing there after trying on a few headbands. At that moment, 2 guys come into the store and the store manager insisted that I try on the headbands for them (because one of the guys was trying to buy a headband for his girlfriend). We kept on bumping into them for the rest of the night so finally, these 2 asked us if we wanted to grab drinks with them because they saw us at 7-11 choosing what beer to drink (is Canada the only country that does not have alcohol in convenient stores?! #HowInconvenient #SeeWhatIDidThere). So this is where me and Maria’s YOLO mentality comes along and let me tell you, when our minds are on YOLO we forget about YODO (You Only Die Once).

Thankfully, the next morning we were alive and well so these two picked us up with their motorcycles (I feel like me and Maria were in that Mary-Kate and Ashley movie #WhoKnowsWhatImTalkingAbout) and we went cruising down the coast of Kenting. Seriously, when I was on the motorcycle I kept smiling not because the view was nice (that too) but in that moment I realized something very, very important.


I finally achieved my bad@$$ status. #Hooray

(you know you’re a true bad@$$ when you can’t even type the letters @$$ together so you replace them with symbols) I mean, sitting in the back of a motorcycle with a guy you just met?! All he was missing is a dragon tattoo and I was basically the baddest b!&%^ in town #MissionAccomplished.

ANYWAY, back to the story… wait, what was I saying again? Oh right, me being a bad@$$ (sorry, just had to reiterate to emphasis my point). We (Maria and I) were both on motorcycles and they took us around Kenting. Instead of blabbing on, here are some photo evidences #PicOrItDidntHappen #WhoStillSaysThat.

After a full day of hiking/adventuring (WOW that’s actually a word?!?!?! I didn’t know that until I realized there was no red squiggly line under the word “adventuring” #LearnedSomethingNewToday), we had to say our goodbyes :(… #SaddestMomentOfMyLife #DramaQueenHourPt3.

The next day, (and this is where the whole fate shazam comes along #ButShazamIsNotAWord #WhatIsThis #IFeelScammed) Maria and I were back in Taipei running some last minute errands. Just as we were about finished, we walked towards where all the food was in Shimending (is that how you spell it?!). And then… BAM! Off in the distance was Leo.

there are millions of people in Taiwan and yet we bump into each other #MeantToBe #Friends4Eva #NotEva #Ever #Unnecessary
there are millions of people in Taiwan and yet we bump into each other #MeantToBe #Friends4Eva #NotEva #Ever #Unnecessary
and you wonder why there are people out there who don’t believe in fate #AddingItToTheListOfThingsIDontUnderstand

Since Lay was already back in HK, he couldn’t join us for activities the next day so naturally he was jealous but… what can you do? 🙂 #SorryLay. We went to Taipei 101 and had tons of fun 😉 #EvenMoreSorryLay



Taiwan Trip // Week 1



Happy 1 week in Taiwan! #WhoCelebratesOneWeek #IDo #Stage6Clinger #DontJudgeMe. I can’t believe it’s already been a week! It feels like I’ve been here for almost a month. Probably because I’ve never been this productive in 7 days #AndTheTruthComesOut. This may also explain why I haven’t blogged as often as I would like but my famjam needs me to keep them entertained #Humble.

To summarize what I did in the past week (because describing everything in detail may take us to the end of the world),  I went to 3 different cities within Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung).

Taichung (wow why is this picture so big)

As you can see from the pictures, I went from head to toe #NotTheYoutuber of Taiwan so I can basically go home now. Originally, I wanted to blog every day but since that’s clearly unrealistic (because after a full day of eating, all I want to do is sleep #FirstWorldProblems), I’m going to post at least 1 picture a day on my blog’s instagram #CheatingMyWayOut. Since I’ll be starting that today, I’ll try to post pictures from the last 7 days.


After safely arriving in Taiwan! :)
After safely arriving in Taiwan! 🙂




Highlight of my trip was seeing my gramps!! He’s hasn’t been feeling so well 😦 Please send your prayers this way! #TYVM

I love you, grandpa!! This man taught me how to swim <3 Oh and I also puked in his Mercedes and he still won't let me live it down LOL #HisPrecious
I love you, grandpa!! This man taught me how to swim




The best part of this trip to Kaohshiung (anyone else think this is spelt funny?!) is that I got to finally meet my cousin-in-law (is that what you call him? He’s my cousin’s husband) and their beautiful baby boy who’s turning 1 in a few short weeks.

It’s been a few days but we love each other

One night, I had to babysit him for a bit because my cousin was in the shower and everyone else was out eating some more so I took the liberty to take some paparrazi shots of him. Check them out here:



Taiwan Trip // Intro

Say hello to my first out-of-the-country getawei since the start of this blog.

This beautiful country is the founder of all good things you love: Bubble tea, beef noodle soup, night market(?), and me #Humble.

If you already got up close and personal with me via my 2o Things post, you may remember that I was born in Taipei, Taiwan #Hurray #LandOfGoodFood.  What that basically translates to is this: my only family living in Canadia (that’s what my friends from Turkey call it LOL – you pronounce it Ca-Nay-Dee-Ah) includes Momma Bear, Poppa Bear and Brother Bear #AKA #StinkyJohn (I made him a hashtag just for him throughout the years #YoureWelcome). Everyone else in my extended family is spread out across the world (Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, and US) but mainly in Taiwan because that’s where we were all born. Anyway, the last time I visited my famjam was almost 4 years ago for my family reunion so it was finally time for me to visit again (also because I discovered something called online courses so I’m not bound to Canadia) #SoSmart #ItsBecauseIGoToSchool #StayInSchoolKids #YoureWelcomeParents.

Going to Taiwan this time round was different just because I brought along – drum roll please – keep going – it’s a good one – did I tell you to stop? – MARIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know. Let’s just all take a minute and calm down.

We should all be excited because she’s the girl that was crazy enough to do that whole blind date thing with me #MoreBlindDatesHere #JK #ButAmIJokingThough #ThatIsTheQuestion #WhatQuestion #OMG #Sorry #OffTrack. Just like the blind date incident, a casual idea was brought up and Maria – the crazy person she is #IFreakingLoveCrazyPeople #SameSpeciesAsMe – took literally about 2 seconds to agree #DidYouEvenThinkThisThrough. What happened was this: I was feeling pretty “meh” – what is an actual English word for this feeling? –  after a typical day at school and when I went home, me and Maria found time to FaceTime. We were talking about our plans for the summer and I told her I was thinking of going to Taiwan. I have this tendency to ask people to join me for everything even though I know 90% of the time people are gonna say no.


  1. I’m going to Toronto to visit my friend… do you want to come? #YouDontEvenKnowMyFriend #WhyWouldYouGo #ButWhyWouldIAsk
  2. I know you ate already but I’m about to go eat… do you want to come? #AndWatchMeEatLikeAPig
  3. I’m going to the washroom… do you want to come? #GirlsOnlyGoToTheWashroomInPluralForm
  4. I’m about to go out of the country… any chance you wanna come?

This time, I casually dropped #4 (wow that sounds like #2 but that’s not what I meant, what I mean is #OkayForgetIt #NotGonnaBother #IfYouGetMeThenILoveYou) and Maria was like… “yeah, sure!” To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure if she heard correctly cause I didn’t ask her if she wanted a sip of my Tim Hortons Iced Capp but rather, I asked her if she wanted to pay over $1000 for round trip tickets from Vancouver to a country that’s halfway across the world. But… hey, I don’t call girls crazy for no reason – and not because we say things we don’t mean, such as saying I’m fine but I’m really not #WHYDOIGOOFFTOPICSOMUCH.

Me, Maria and her sister Madison 5 years ago

So there you have it… a typical day after school turned into me screaming all over the house #TypicalAsWellNowThatIThinkAboutIt.

If you want to hear more about an Asian girl that barely speaks Chinese in her home country and her white friend struggling in Taiwan, stay tuned for more in the upcoming days!!! 🙂


PS. Okay, I lied. She’s half-white.